Celtic Jewellery

Celtic Jewellery
Celtic knots are complete loops without any beginning or end, this unending style is called pure knots. The knots vary from simple to complicated ones. The use of only one thread highlights the Celts' belief in the interconnectedness of life and eternity.
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Celestial Triquetra Pendant, Syn Amber

The Trinity knot, also called the Triquetra, is one of the best-known symbols in Celtic culture. Fam..

$23.81 US

Celtic Chakra Pendant -5%

Celtic Chakra Pendant

Chakra pendant – set with seven semi-precious stones – garnet, carnelian, amber, malachite, lapis, a..

$41.30 US $39.23 US

Celtic Claddagh Pendant - Sterling -5%

Celtic Claddagh Pendant - Sterling

Claddagh Pendant with Triquetra / Trinity Knot in .925 Sterling Silver. The Claddagh's distinctive d..

$31.76 US $30.17 US

Celtic Claddagh Pendant, Sterling Silver

Small Claddagh Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver.  Jewellery cording and gift pouch included.The ..

$10.29 US

Celtic Claddagh Pendant, Sterling

This beautiful sterling silver Celtic Claddagh pendant is an elegant version of a classic Celtic sym..

$12.68 US

Celtic Crescent Moon Earrings, Amethyst

Crescent Moon Earrings - crafted of sterling silver and genuine Amethyst. Symbolizing the manif..

$36.17 US

Celtic Crescent Moon Earrings, Garnet

Crescent Moon Earrings - crafted of sterling silver and genuine Garnet.Symbolizing the manifestation..

$36.17 US

Celtic Crescent Moon Earrings, Rainbow Moonstone

Crescent Moon Earrings - crafted of sterling silver and genuine Rainbow Moonstone.Symbolizing the ma..

$36.17 US

Celtic Cross Amulet

Derived from a unification of Christian and Pagan symbolism, this cross is worn for Good Health, Cou..

$22.22 US

Celtic Cross Pendant

A beautiful and traditional design, this Celtic knot cross with green gems is a classic piece you'll..

$19.83 US

Celtic Cross Pendant, Opalized -5%

Celtic Cross Pendant, Opalized

A pewter triangular knot Celtic cross with an embossed knot design and a central opalized glass ..

$32.99 US $31.34 US

Celtic Cross Pendant, Sterling Silver

Celtic Crosses will have a circle surrounding the cross. It represents how ancient religions merged ..

$17.45 US

Celtic Cross with Lapis Lazuli, Sterling

A beautiful sterling silver Celtic Cross pendant, traditional Celtic knotwork, presented here with a..

$47.66 US

Celtic Dome Pendant

This unique Celtic knot pendant was made in a dome shape for added interest and dimension.  App..

$31.76 US

Celtic Dragon Knot Jewellery Set - Jade

The Dragon here is worked into the traditional "triskele" three-part knot. Shown here in Ster..

$67.53 US

Celtic Dragon Pendant

A pair of sparkling serpentine dragons frame a golden gem in this Celtic styled medallion. Paired wi..

$19.04 US

Celtic Dragon Pendant - Be Bold -10%

Celtic Dragon Pendant - Be Bold

A creature of myth and legend that appears in cultures all around the world, the dragon symbolizes..

$11.88 US $10.70 US

Celtic Dragon Ring

This band is engraved with dragons and a unique Celtic design. It celebrates the dragon's renowned p..

$19.04 US

Celtic Dragon Scroll Pendant

A serpentine dragon encircles a single yellow stone in this Celtic style medallion. Embellished with..

$19.83 US

Celtic Fairy Drop Earrings -5%

Celtic Fairy Drop Earrings

Celtic fairy drop earrings – Polished pewter fairies with openwork wings on surgical steel hooks.A f..

$26.19 US $24.88 US

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