Unicorn & Pegasus Jewellery

Unicorn & Pegasus Jewellery

The unicorn became a religious symbol in the art of the Middle Ages. The original tale was that a beautiful maiden representing the Virgin Mary managed to trap a unicorn, whereupon the unicorn became tame and lay its head in her lap. The magical powers of unicorns  are also legendary. Unicorn horns are said to be harder than diamonds and to be able to neutralize poisons. Unicorn tears can heal both physical wounds and sorrows of the heart.  A person with the ability to see a unicorn may have a wish granted as a reward.

They say that to dream of Pegasus, means a calling to create your expressions of beauty through whatever creative means you desire. It has also become a symbol of immortality and the protector of the spirit, the guardian of the soul.  In mythology, Pegasus was an immortal, winged horse who sprang forth from the neck of Medussa when she was beheaded by the hero Perseus. Pegasus was said to be tamed by Bellerophon who rode him into battle against fire-breathing Khimaira. The hero attempted to fly to the heavens, but the horse buckedand threw him back to earth. The horse then winged it’s way to the heavens to be in Zeus’ stables.

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Pendant 3D Pegasus

A gorgeous sterling silver Pegasus pendant, approx. 1.4".  Your pendant will slide through the ..

$40.03 US

Rearing Pegasus Necklace

Made from a lead free alloy, this necklace depicts a magnificent and pure steed straight from myth..

$14.66 US

Unicorn Necklace

Made from a lead free alloy, this  necklace depicts a magnificent steed straight from myth an..

$13.54 US

Unicorn Pendant, Choose Side

You have a choice with this pendant, Left facing or Right Facing.  It measures approximately 1"..

$24.71 US

Unicorn Pendant, Sterling

A beautiful unicorn pendant in sterling silver.  Perfect for the believer, the free spirit, the..

$25.49 US

Black Unicorn Necklace - Alchemy Gothic

Alchemy Gothic - Black Unicorn necklace with included chain. Perfect for the unicorn lover.- Chain l..

$15.43 US

Celtic Unicorn Talisman

The Unicorn is a mystical creature born out of the dreams of all who believe in the human spirit, th..

$15.43 US

Dainty Unicorn Necklace

A subtle token of love, devotion and strength.  A dainty, feminine unicorn necklace.Gift bag in..

$15.43 US

Fire & Ice Pendant - Unicorn

Horned symbol of the Otherworld, the Unicorn seeks those pure of heart as champions of truth and jus..

$29.35 US

Mystical Unicorn Pendant, Sterling

This solid sterling silver pendant depicts a rearing unicorn with great detailing.  It's .925 s..

$41.73 US

Playful Unicorn Pendant

A playful and fun unicorn pendant that will delight those who wear it, and those who gaze upon it.&n..

$10.79 US

Unicorn & Aventurine Pendant

A sterling silver Unicorn and genuine Green Aventurine donut charm. Approximately 35mm total length...

$15.43 US

Unicorn & Spotted Jade Pendant

A sterling silver Unicorn and genuine Spotted Jade donut charm. Approximately 35mm total length. Jew..

$15.43 US

Unicorn Drop Earrings

Unicorn drop earrings – Polished pewter with embossed detail. Surgical steel hooks.The unicorn was a..

$26.26 US

Unicorn Pendant

Unicorn pendant – Polished pewter with embossed detail on 18″ tin-plated snake chain.The unicorn was..

$26.26 US

Unicorn Talisman, Sm

“Nothing is more magical. As long as they roam the earth, evil can never harm the pure of heart.” Le..

$15.43 US

Unicorn Wand Talisman

Traditionally a symbol of purity, when used as a wand the Unicorn Horn becomes a potent talisman for..

$22.39 US

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