Misc Gifts

Misc Gifts

A selection of unique items we couldn't quite categorize.

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A Brush With Magic Statue ~ by Lisa Parker

Let this adorable witchs companion into your home and heart when you decorate with the Brush with Ma..


Bumper Sticker - Be Witched -30%

Bumper Sticker - Be Witched

Be Witched! Bumper Sticker..

$1.59US $1.11US

Empowerment Pencils

Set of 12 affirmations on coloured pencils. Take colouring to another level and colour with "I am be..


Goddess Bless Wood Finish

This is a common salutation in the Neo Pagan Community. It is meant to invoke the power, love and pr..


iPhone Cover - Celtic -65%

iPhone Cover - Celtic

Personalize your iPhone 5 with an eye-catching, stylish, spirituality-themed cover. Each cover featu..

$15.48US $5.42US

Magic Sealing Wax

Customize invitations, greeting cards, spells, rituals, and more with enchanting wax stamps. Boxe..


Magnetic Poetry Kit - Happiness

Along with Life and Liberty, it's your right to pursue this kit! Happiness makes a great gift for ju..


Metallic Car Decal: Endless Knot -30%

Metallic Car Decal: Endless Knot

A silver metallic car decal in an endless Celtic knot pattern, representing endless life.  12..

$3.57US $2.50US

Metallic Car Decal: Live, Laugh, Love -30%

Metallic Car Decal: Live, Laugh, Love

A beautiful metallic silver decal for your car with the popular saying "Live, Laugh, Love".  ..

$4.76US $3.34US

Metallic Car Decal: Peaceful Heart -30%

Metallic Car Decal: Peaceful Heart

A beautiful symbol of love and peace for your car.  Metallic silver decal, approximately 12.5cm..

$3.57US $2.50US

Metallic Car Decal: Yoga -30%

Metallic Car Decal: Yoga

A beautiful metallic silver car decal for those who love yoga.  25cm x 7.5cm..

$4.76US $3.34US

Natures Grace Coaster - Sentiment - 4 Piece Set

Fantastic and functional!These wonderfully colored absorbent ceramic Coasters are a perfect home acc..


Practical Magic Gift Set

Find all the tools you need to enchant the everyday and harness the power of magic--through crystals..


Stone Animal Keychain, Assorted -20%

Stone Animal Keychain, Assorted

A variety of semi precious stones are delicately carved into animal stone keychains. Available in 5..

$4.72US $3.78US

Triple Goddess Stationery Set

Hand written letters are a powerful way to communicate your heartfelt thoughts and feelings; and let..


Angel Wings Offering Dish

With brilliant lavendar and teal swirling in the background, this plate features two Angel wings on ..


Aspects of the Goddess - Mini Figurine

Beautiful goddess figures on gorgeous banded golden-red Northern Arizona sandstone.  Proud..


Awaken Your Magic - Anne Stokes, Wall Plaque

With a piece of magical jewelry clasped in her claws, this beautiful bird is swooping down to carry ..


Black & White Moon Wolf Statue

A majestic wolf statue depicting a black wolf baying at the moon, with a white wolf and moon painted..


Black Cats in Pumpkins S&P Shaker Set

An adorable set of salt and pepper shakers, featuring ceramic black cats inside orange pumpkins.&nbs..