Misc Gifts

Misc Gifts

A selection of unique items we couldn't quite categorize.

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Pocket Prayer Heart

A shining, polished Heart stands at 1" tall and features a viewfinder with the Serenity Prayer insid..

$8.19 US

Poe's Raven Mirror

A beautiful small mirror you can take with you in your bag, or keep on your dresser top.  Gaze ..

$15.55 US

Rainbow Dragon Candle Holder

This unique tea light holder depicts the head of a majestic and magickal creature, hand painted in a..

$18.67 US

Raven Pentacle Wall Plaque, Wood Finish

Size: 5 1/2"h x 5 1/8"w x 3/4"d The Raven, indicted by the point in his tail, symbolizes power,..

$25.69 US

Raven's Ward Candle Holder

The harbinger of the old gods. Resin T-light Holder.This beautiful holder can be used as shown as a ..

$29.58 US

Sacred Geometry Coaster Set

These Sacred Geometry coasters are perfect to use where furniture requires protection. Beautiful as..

$10.87 US

Seashell Mix - 1 Pound Package

A beautiful selection of small seashells for your projects, altars, crystal grids, and more.  1..

$6.20 US

See, Hear & Speak No Evil Greenman Tree Set

These trees want nothing to do with the drama llama! They just want to go about their daily lives as..

$30.01 US

See, Hear and Speak No Evil Gargoyles

A humorous, whimsical Gargoyle trio that will add a touch of fantasy to your décor.  Made from ..

$28.02 US

Silver White String Door / Window Hanging

Add a touch of magick and mystery to a door way or window with these beautiful silvery white string ..

$25.69 US

Stone Fairy Garden Starter Kit

If you have a pot of petunias or a stone cistern that you would like to give a fantasy twist, look n..

$35.04 US

The Witching Hour - Lisa Parker

Leisurely lying on top of two spell books, this cat has surely seen some magic. The Witching Hour St..

$72.46 US

Tree Fairy Garden Starter Kit

Do you have an ugly patch of dirt beneath a spruce tree in your yard that you just have no idea what..

$35.04 US

Tree Of Life Curtain

A powerful and dynamic symbol of Celtic heritage with a large central Tree of Life in the center who..

$23.35 US

Tree Of Life LED Lamp

Featuring the mythic Tree of Life, this elegant miniature lamp is a beautiful way to add Celtic styl..

$31.14 US

Tree Of Life Night Light

This unique night light is crafted of cold cast resin and hand-painted. The Tree Of Life, or Yggdras..

$16.33 US

Tree Of Life Sand-Timer

This unqiue sand-timer features an enchanted forest that surrounds the glass portion of the pie..

$35.04 US

Triple Moon Silver Mirror - Alchemy Gothic

An ancient symbol of the waxing, full and waning moon. The goddess as maiden, mother and crone in a ..

$28.02 US

Triple Moon Silver Photo Frame - Alchemy Gothic

An ancient symbol of the waxing, full and waning moon. The goddess as maiden, mother and crone in a ..

$28.02 US

Triple Moon Spell Box

A magical box dedicated to the three aspects of the moon goddess: maiden, mother and crone. Drawing ..

$23.35 US

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