Art Lamps

Art Lamps

Beautiful fantasy themed lamps to help illuminate your sacred space.

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Art Lamp - Awaken Your Magic

This unique lamp features the artwork of Lisa Parker.  A snowy owl carrying a pentacle talisman..

$26.03 US

Art Lamp - Dragon Duo

A beautiful lamp featuring the artwork of Anne Stokes. Fits any standard US plug-inRequires E14..

$26.03 US

Art Lamp - His Master's Voice

Portrays the art of Lisa Parker.Fits any standard US plug-inRequires E14/SES lightbulbs with a maxim..

$26.03 US

Art Lamp - Way Of The Witch

Portrays the art of Lisa Parker.Fits any standard US plug-inRequires E14/SES lightbulbs with a maxim..

$26.03 US

Celtic Tree Of Life Lamp

The LED Tree of Life Lamp transforms this emblem of nature into a beautiful accent light for the hom..

$26.03 US

Crouching Dragon Wall Lamp

With its wings hunched behind it, the stone colored dragon gazes down at passersby, its scaly tail c..

$138.46 US

Dragon Art Lamp

This cold-cast resin dragon holds a glowing orb (which takes a 40 watt bulb) and is on a clicker swi..

$183.27 US

Dragon Castle Floor Lamp

Show everyone who the true king of your castle is with the Dragon Castle Lamp. Nothing beats the fie..

$240.30 US

Dragon Sword Floor Lamp

This majestic lamp will turn heads in your home. A majestic dragon clings to a medieval sword. Cast ..

$795.14 US

Dragonfly Wall Lamp

We call this lamp the Dragonfly, because this dragon has wings that remind us of a butterfly. This p..

$203.64 US

Egyptian Isis Lamp

Isis, the Egyptian Aset or Eset, one of the most important goddesses of ancient Egypt. Her name is t..

$184.09 US

Flying Dragon Lamp

Have your very own dragon soaring over your head, and lighting up your fantastical abode, with this ..

$228.08 US

Gothic Dragon Wall Lamp

Show your love of dragons with the Gothic Dragon wall lamp. Nothing beats the fierceness of a dragon..

$211.79 US

Greenman LED Night Light

Greenman LED Night LightLet the Lord of the Forest bring light to the darkness! This fantastic LED n..

$34.01 US

Greenman Mini LED Lamp

A beautiful display of Celtic imagery, the Greenman Mini LED Lamp depicts an intricate greenman imag..

$35.24 US

Himalayan Salt Lamp, 7-8 inch

Salt lamps are known throughout the world for their ability to purify the air. These natural air pur..

$21.96 US

Mermaid & jellyfish Lamp

This lamp is pure magic! A sultry mermaid swims, scales of green and blue adorning her, auburn hair ..

$146.61 US

Peacock Lady Lamp

This gorgeous LED lamp is a great way to shed some light and add some style to a room! A woman stand..

$216.68 US

Red Dragon Lamp

Bring the illuminating magic of dragons into your own home with the Red Dragon Lamp. Both function..

$159.65 US

Selenite Satin Spar Lamp

Naturally formed into iceberg or mountain shapes, these lamps from Morocco are the perfect decor acc..

$50.47 US

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