Moissanite Specimen, Raw

Moissanite Specimen, Raw

While naturally occurring Moissanite is extremely rare, this man-made version is equally as beautiful. Also known as carborundum, this form of silicon carbide, is formed by crystallization of the natural silicon carbide. They have that gas-on-the-road rainbow effect to them, and are quite shiny and beautiful to display.

A high concentration of iron impurities cause this mineral to appear black and opaque. The surface displays bright variations of iridescent blue, purple and gold colours. It is almost as hard as diamond and is used as an abrasive and in ceramics - however, these rough specimens are brittle in areas and some pieces can shed off during transport and handling. We also recommend hand washing after holding these specimens.

Moissanite is believed to be a lucky gemstone that brings prosperity and good fortune in difficult situations. It can boost the energy around you and give you the power to change despair into hope.

Each specimen is unique and they measure roughly 5" x 3" x 2"
(measurement varies slightly). Sold in singles.

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