Loose Herbs

Loose Herbs

Loose herbs and florals for your magickal workings. 

*We do not sell herbs for medicinal purposes.  For use in dream pillows, incense blends, and other non-edible applications.

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Herbal Spell Mix: Healing

This Healing spell mix has been crafted from the finest herbs to help empower your healing rituals, ..

$2.92 US

Herbal Spell Mix: Purification

This blend of herbs from AzureGreen is specifically intended to lend power to your spells and ritual..

$2.92 US

Herbal Spell Mix: Quick Money

Blended of a mix of herbs chosen for specifically to aid and empower spells of money drawing and goo..

$2.92 US

Herbal Spell Mix: Releasing

Let go of bad habits, addictions, negative relationships and influences with the aid of this Releasi..

$2.92 US

Lemon Grass, 1 oz

Lemon Grass herb is a lively, bright and cheerful herb used for spells of happiness, joy and abundan..

$2.92 US

Oregano, Loose Herb - 1oz

Use oregano in your spellwork for Happiness, Health and Money/Prosperity.  Use in mojo bags, of..

$2.46 US

Rosemary Herb, 1/2oz

Rosemary History and Folklore:The word Rosmarinus is from the Latin meaning "dew of the sea".Christi..

$4.97 US

Sandalwood Chips, 1 oz

Commonly used for rituals of purification, or as an offering to Gods and spirits, Red Sandalwood is ..

$4.59 US

Sandalwood Powder, Red

Sandalwood also known as Pterocarpu Santalinus are obtained from the Sandalwood tree. The oil that i..

$4.97 US

Sun Incense Blend

Burn as an incense, or use in a philtre, sachet, or charm, bag. Use to draw in solar influences, or ..

$7.47 US

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