Mabon & Harvest

Mabon & Harvest

Mabon - (Autumn Equinox) SEP 22 - 23

The Fall Equinox, is our harvest celebration. As during the Spring Equinox is is a time of balance between dark and light. But now, we are moving from light to darkness, from warmth to cold. We gather the harvest of Summer and prepare for the Winter ahead.

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Blessed Herbal Candle: Ancestors

This candle is used to strengthen the connection to your Ancestors and their voices of wisdom and gu..

$14.65 US

Celtic Owl Journal

Celtic Owl Journal with handmade parchment paper. Each Journal has coptic binding with a button cord..

$17.99 US

Celtic Tree Of Life Journal, Green

This unique journal has the Tree of Life on the cover with twisted trunk surrounded by Celtic design..

$88.59 US

Cernunnos Stag Pendant, Sterling

This genuine .925 sterling silver pendant has been masterfully crafted to represent the Celtic deity..

$26.25 US

Fairyland Fairy, Red/Orange

This Fairyland figurine will be a beautiful addition to your fairy collection, or make a great first..

$24.00 US

Golden Autumn Fairy Jewelry Dish

This beautiful little fairy is glad to guard your precious jewelry, small stones, and other trinkets..

$27.00 US

Herbal Resin Incense - Mabon, Thanksgiving, Harvest

A beautiful blend of herbals and resins for your Mabon, Thanksgiving and Autumn gatherings and celeb..

$6.38 US

Hessonite Garnet, Tumbled

Hessonite Garnet is said to attract wealth, abundance, joy and health. Called the cinnamon stone, it..

$3.38 US

Howling Wolves within Wolf Statue

Made of high quality composite designer resin and intricately sculpted with attention to detail This..

$29.25 US

Incense Cones: Frank & Myrrh

Frankincense and myrrh incense combines the property of both herbs and produces a sweet smoky fragra..

$1.13 US

Oil Warmer, Earthy Leaves

This tan colored Soapstone Oil Burner has a large leaf carved all around and a large opening in the ..

$15.73 US

Powder Incense: Dragon's Blood

Dragons Blood is traditionally burned for love, protection, courage, strength, and to enhance the po..

$4.47 US

Powder Incense: Frankincense

Frankincense incense powder is traditionally used for purifying a space or object. As the resin is..

$4.47 US

Powder incense: Myrrh

Myrrh is a timeless incense that has been burned for centuries to help create a spiritual and medita..

$4.47 US

Powder Incense: Nag Champa

Nag Champa in a natural powder form, made with the same quality ingredients found in the sticks. Thi..

$4.47 US

Powder Incense: Patchouli

Flash back to the 60's with this classic incense. A fine incense powder crafted of real Patchouli, a..

$4.47 US

Powder Incense: Purification

Nag Champa in a natural powder form, made with the same quality ingredients found in the sticks. Thi..

$4.47 US

Powder Incense: Sandalwood

Focus the mind and bring about a peaceful atmosphere with this fine sandalwood incense. This incense..

$4.47 US

Pumpkin Kitty Water Globe

A sweet little black kitty perched among orange and white pumpkins. Beautiful sparkles in this water..

$24.00 US

Tree Of Life Druid Journal - Black/Green

NEW!  This journal is a work of art.  Perfect for everyday thoughts, poetry, art, recipes,..

$51.03 US

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