Anointing Oil: Cinnamon

Anointing Oil: Cinnamon

These magickal oils may provide many different results in various areas in your life when used with intention. These oils have been specifically blended for anointing candles, altar tools, and yourself. People have used them in ritual magic, anointing, aromatherapy and spell-crafting. 

2 dram (7.4 ml) bottle with screw lid.

CINNAMON: Prosperity, Happiness, Warmth, Happiness, Family Harmony, Peaceful Home, Welcoming Atmosphere.

Use this fragrance oil blend as a self-anointing oil (skin-safe but test first), to anoint candles and stones, or as a diffuser blend.  

Note: Image is a group photo of these oils, and yours will be the same, just with a different label. 

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