Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Some suggestions for mini-gifts and stocking stuffers. Of course, there are plenty of amazing items in our shop that would work well for stocking gifts, but these are some of our favourites.

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Auric Blends Roll On Fragrance: Lavender Dreams

Imbued with the scent of Lavender flowers, Lavender Dream from Auric Blends possesses a dream like q..

$8.65 US

Auric Blends Roll On Fragrance: Mystic Blend

Auric Blends Mystic Blend Perfume Oil, with hints of green at the top, this fragrance has a heart ..

$8.65 US

Auric Blends Roll On Fragrance: Water Goddess

A gorgeous blend of oils that create the sensation you are by the Ocean.  Floral notes with jus..

$8.65 US

Build Your Own Stonehenge

Now available in a new deluxe, eye-catching mega package, Build Your Own Stonehenge includes 16 Ston..

$9.40 US

Chakra Crystal Hanging

This is a beautiful hanging created of Chakra gemstone chips to represent the seven Chakras, and a b..

$9.74 US

Chakra Gem Set

Each of these beautiful Chakra Gem Sets contain 7 polished gems that correspond with the chakra syst..

$11.25 US

Christmas Tarot Deck

For those who love the holiday classic A Christmas Carol, embark on a journey of discovery through t..

$26.32 US

Color Yuletide Colouring Book: Perfectly Portable Pages

'Tis the season to be colouring! Banish holiday stress from your mind as you colour the inspirationa..

$3.75 US

Essential Oils Set Of Three - Energise

These beautiful Essential oil sets contain 3 bottles, 10ml each. Pure therapeutic grade essential oi..

$18.81 US

Everyday Tarot Mini Kit

Everyday Tarot brings a new perspective to the cards, giving modern soul-seekers the tools they need..

$12.41 US

Field Guide To Garden Dragons Card Deck

You never know where you'll spot a Garden Dragon! It could be on your travels, on a nature walk, or ..

$24.04 US

Flower Petals Inspiration Cards - Cheralyn Darcey

Flower Petals is a charming set of 40 inspirational mini-cards with reminders of life's beauty throu..

$13.50 US

Indo Patchouli - Solid Perfume

Indo Patchouli solid perfume from Auric Blends captures the essence of the essential oil as it is kn..

$10.16 US

Llewellyn's Little Book of Yule - Jason Mankey

Filled with dozens of magical exercises, tips, recipes, crafts, spells, and rituals, Llewellyn's Lit..

$15.04 US

Mini Candle - Gold

Often representing the sun, gold is the color of prosperity, solar influences, and financial matter..

$1.69 US

Opalite, Tumbled

Of all the gems in our stock room, none catch the eye quite like Opalite!  It is a man-made sto..

$2.63 US

Paint-Your-Own Sugar Skull

Everything you need to paint and decorate a mini sugar skull. The art of making sugar skulls to hono..

$8.24 US

Phrenology Cat Kit

Have you ever wondered why your cat acts a certain way, has such an attitude, or does strange things..

$9.40 US

Rider Waite Playing Card Deck

This unique 78-card poker deck features Rider-Waite Tarot images. The deck includes 22 Major Arcana,..

$24.04 US

Stacking Stones, Eraser Set

Making mistakes has never been so zen! Inspired by the meditative practice of stacking stones, these..

$16.93 US

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