Gobi Desert Agate

Gobi Desert Agate

This Aura Clearing Gobi Desert Agate is an offering straight from Mother Earth. Each piece holds all of Gaia’s healing power. These pieces are Gobi Desert agate, a stone known for its lustrous sheen achieved from being tumbled across the desert sands of Mongolia, polished and pigmented by the incredibly strong winds there.

Work with these stones to release vibrations that no longer serve you. More gentle than quartz, and more protective than jasper, it’s a stone all its own, one that will bring you a wonderful sense of spiritual clarity.

Since ancient times, agate has been used as a protective talisman that brings energy and balance into your life. It stabilizes the physical, intellectual, and emotional bodies, and cleanses the aura – which is how this offering got its name.

Hold your stone during meditation, or place it on your altar to call in the beautiful energies of this stone.

Each piece of genuine Gobi Desert Agate will be totally unique in shape. They all vary in colour as well, from beige, to light pink, to white. They may have some sharper edges, or some natural "flaws" and inclusions that make them natural works of art by the winds of time in the Gobi Desert.

Approximately 1" to 1 1/2". 

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