Dragons are more than mythical beings in storybooks and movies.  They are guardians of the watchtowers and elements, guides, wise ancient beings who many people resonate and connect with on a spiritual level.  Dragons are protectors, teachers, keepers of ancient knowledge.  There is a reason our company is called "Dragon Moon".  It is because we recognize the spiritual significance of the dragon throughout history, in every culture around the world.

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Aragon Dragon Pendant

This dragon pendant is stunning, with great detailing.Wearing a dragon pendant can help remind us of..

$19.14 US

Beowulf's Dragon Talisman

Inspired by the early Anglo-Saxon epic poem, “Beowulf”, this pendant brings us to a time of heroism ..

$17.93 US

Black Dragon Aroma Pendant

These black enameled metal dragon pendants open up to house a small cotton ball (included) which you..

$7.47 US

Cameo Pendant - Anne Stokes - Dragon's Lair

Created by renowned fantasy artist Anne Stokes. Beautiful winged dragon casted cameo features red in..

$24.15 US

Cameo Pendant - Anne Stokes - Look To The East

Created by renowned fantasy artist Anne Stokes. Beautiful winged dragon casted cameo features blue i..

$24.15 US

Cameo Pendant - Anne Stokes - Lunar Magic

Created by renowned fantasy artist Anne Stokes. Beautiful winged dragon casted cameo features purple..

$24.15 US

Celestial Dragon Amulet

Since ancient times people have respected the forces of nature, seeing divinity in Mother Earth, t..

$8.30 US

Celtic Dragon Knot Jewellery Set - Jade

The Dragon here is worked into the traditional "triskele" three-part knot. Shown here in Ster..

$70.86 US

Celtic Dragon Moon Pendant, Sterling

The dragon has been a creature of myth and legend for centuries throughout the world. Representing t..

$44.17 US

Celtic Dragon Pendant

A pair of sparkling serpentine dragons frame a golden gem in this Celtic styled medallion. Paired wi..

$19.98 US

Celtic Dragon Pendant - Be Bold

A creature of myth and legend that appears in cultures all around the world, the dragon symbolizes..

$12.47 US

Celtic Dragon Ring

This band is engraved with dragons and a unique Celtic design. It celebrates the dragon's renowned p..

$19.98 US

Celtic Dragon Scroll Pendant

A serpentine dragon encircles a single yellow stone in this Celtic style medallion. Embellished with..

$20.81 US

Celtic Knot Dragon Pendant

The symbolism of the dragon can be found in almost every ancient culture throughout history.Though t..

$24.15 US

Curled Dragon & Pentagram Pendant, Sterling

Two popular mystical symbols, the dragon and the pentagram star are joined in this pendant.Celebrate..

$41.66 US

Double Dragon Amber Ring, Sterling

Two sterling silver dragons swoop up the sides of this ring toward the crowning cabochon, shown he..

$61.68 US

Double Dragon Fire Pendant

This unique dragon pendant is cast in a lead-free pewter with enameled color highlights.  ..

$20.81 US

Draco Talisman

Much of dragon lore tells us that dragons were loathsome beasts and evil enemies to humankind. But d..

$16.64 US

Dragon Charm, Sterling

This cute little dragon charm would make a lovely pendant for someone who prefers daintier and small..

$18.31 US

Dragon Charms, 3 Pcs

These majestic pendant charms measure 48mm long, and would make a lovely earring and pendant set, or..

$8.30 US

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