The Dragon's Call - Signed - Peter Dressler

The Dragons Call - Signed - Peter Dressler

The Dragon's Call is written by Peter Dressler, one of the owners here at Dragon Moon Gifts.  This is Peter's second publication, after The Shadow Dragon's Stream.  It is written as a standalone book and in a different style as his first one.  This one is a Novelette (a short novel) consisting of about 43,000 words.  It begins in the early 1990s and ends in today's time.  It is darker than his first book, but nothing too over the top.

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How do you convince a dragon not to eat you?

I stared into her reptilian eyes; I knew she didn’t want to eat me. If I could just buy a little time, I knew I could convince her. She didn’t need me, she could easily hunt her own food. I understood why she couldn’t simply let me go; she feared the world would learn of her whereabouts.

I knew I wouldn’t survive the winter. Either she’d eat me as she promised or the cold would claim me. It was hopeless. I can tell you this though, I didn’t expect help from a dandelion.

The Dragon’s Call is a modern day journey that will have you believing in dragons.

Recommended Age 16+ as this story contains some darker themes.

Art by Rianna Stahl.

(C) 2020 All Rights Reserved

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