The Shadow Dragon's Stream - Signed - Peter Dressler

The Shadow Dragon's Stream - Peter Dressler (Signed Copy)

This is Peter Dressler's first book.  Peter Dressler is one of the owners right here at Dragon Moon Gifts.

This book comes signed on the inside title page by the author.  eBooks are available at most eBook retailers, however we prefer Smashwords as you can get it in all e-reader formats.


Only the oldest of the Shadow dragons remember the existence of the Brights – their light-scaled cousins whom they believe they destroyed hundreds of years ago.  When Morrowshuck meets and falls in love with a Bright who is nothing like her kin, his loyalties are tested as he discovers the dark and bloody past separating their clans.
The Brights haven’t forgotten and are growing their numbers to attack the Shadows – and Aletta refuses to be paired with a Bright she doesn’t love.  
The Shadows have no choice but an unlikely alliance with the humans to defeat their common enemy.  Morrowshuck knows that alliance will bring him to battle against Aletta’s kin.
Exploring the dangers of hatred in a morally grey fantasy setting, The Shadow Dragon’s Stream is recommended for adults and young adults alike.

Cover art by Rianna Stahl.

Released 2012, 2019

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