Votive Candle: Frankincense & Myrrh

Votive: Frank & Myrrh

A combination of the two oldest used resins for sacred rites, protection and healing. 

These two fine resins, along with gold, were presented to the baby Jesus when he was born, and was considered sacred and rare in those days.  These resins are still held sacred today by people all over the world.

Frankincense is the oldest known spiritual incense.  In fact, the word "incense" was taken from the word "FrankINCENSE".  It's the "mother of all incense".  It's the most traditional resin for spiritual protection and purification.  You can never go wrong with Frankincense incense, oils, or candles.

Myrrh is a traditional resin used for spiritual healing.  It is a woodsy, deep earthy scent that grounds and centers.  It is wonderful to use during divination (Tarot readings, runes, etc...) as it is believed to welcome in good spirits and energies.

These amazing food grade wax votive candles are charged with Reiki energy, and made using a food grade wax.  They burn approx. 6 hrs. 


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