Pocket Talismans

Pocket Talismans
Pocket talismans are small trinkets with big meaning.  They make great gifts and are wonderful to carry with you in your purse or pocket.  They bring inspiration and are little reminders of gratitude, hope, love, friendship and more. 

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Bottle O' Luck 4 Leaf Clover

May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light, May good luck pursue you each morning and night. ..


Dragon Wisdom Pocket Talismans -15%

Dragon Wisdom Pocket Talismans

Let the dragons whisper messages to your heart. These pocket tokens carry empowering messages of int..

$6.50CAD $5.53CAD

Pocket Talisman: Avalon Goddess -15%

Pocket Talisman: Avalon Goddess

These beautiful high quality lead free pewter charms make excellent gifts for yourself or a loved on..

$7.50CAD $6.38CAD

Pocket Talisman: Brigid's Heart -15%

Pocket Talisman: Brigid's Heart

Beautiful new keepsakes, affordable, & inspired by Brigid, ancient Goddess of the Emerald Isle..

$7.50CAD $6.38CAD

Pocket Talisman: Illuminations -15%

Pocket Talisman: Illuminations

Beautiful new keepsakes, affordable, & inspirational.  Each holds an inspiring message ..

$7.95CAD $6.76CAD

Pocket Talisman: Tree Of Life Blessing -15%

Pocket Talisman: Tree Of Life Blessing

Beautiful new keepsakes, affordable, & inspired by ancient Celtic symbology.  Each holds ..

$7.50CAD $6.38CAD

Pocket Talismans: Animal Totem -15%

Pocket Talismans: Animal Totem

Beautiful pewter animal charms with messages on the back.  A perfect companion to the bo..

$6.95CAD $5.91CAD

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