Caring Cross, Handheld Wooden Treasure

Celtic Cross with Lapis Lazuli, Sterling

At Dragon Moon, we support all faiths and beliefs. This is a very special offering for our Christian customers and those who cherish the cross as a sacred symbol. Caring Crosses are individually carved from a single unique piece of beautifully grained olive wood pruned from the olive trees around Bethlehem the birthplace of Jesus!

Christians have been carving crosses like this for hundreds of years, originally for pilgrims and more recently tourists visiting the Holy Land. Each cross is made from a different segment of solid olive wood, therefore no two are alike. A lovely gift for family, friends, for special events baptism, confirmation, birthday, Easter, Christmas or to give someone in a time of need.

This beautiful cross is handmade in Bethlehem by Christian families. Blessed in The Nativity Church in Bethlehem.

*Weight : 0.52 Oz / 15 Grize : 2.5" x 1.5" x 0.4" inch / 6.35 x 3.81 x 1 cm
*Each cross is hand made, all will be unique in pattern and coloring of the wood.
*Fits Nicely in the Palm of Your Hand
*Made of Olivewood
*Hand Made in Bethlehem

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