Archangel Michael Pocket Token

Archangel Michael Pocket Token

The intricately-detailed image and symbol of the Archangel Michael is beautifully displayed on this pewter token. About the size of a small coin, you can carry this talisman with you in your pocket, purse, wallet or medicine bag. They are small, but so meaningful.

Michael - Literally his name translates as "who is like God"

He appears in the Book of Daniel in the Hebrew Bible and in in the Book of Revelation.  The Archangel of Mercy, Repentance and War (or Battle), his name is a battle cry for the host of angels as they battle for mankind.


-The spirit of the planet Mercury
-Governs Sunday and Thursday
-Bringer of patience, courage, motivation, achievements and ambition.
-He is sometimes associated with variant colors of Red, such as orange and violet.
-He is a common Angel of protection and is represented in candle magick with a gold or white candle.

7/8" x 5/8"

Sold as single pieces.

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