Gemstone Chip Roller Bottle Set

Gemstone Chip Roller Bottle Set

You will love these beautiful roll-on bottles with gemstone chips and applicators. Easy to carry along, in your purse or pocket, use them with your favorite essential oils or perfume.

Package comes with 8 bottles with stone applicator and stone chips: Tiger’s eye, Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Clear quartz or Sodalite (according to stone availability) and Black Tourmaline.

-Tiger’s Eye: Courage, protection, eases stress during transitions in life. Grounding and calming, root chakra.

-Aventurine: Creativity, abundance, prosperity, connection to nature, heart chakra.

-Rose Quartz: Love, friendship, self-confidence, soothing, calming, heart chakra, opens up one's heart space to receive and give love. Compassion, kindness and understanding.

-Fluorite: Intuition, healing (especially for empaths and sensitive people), creativity, inspiration, positive energy.

-Lapis Lazuli: Helps to access unknown universal knowledge and the wisdom to understand it. Harmonizes one’s heart and mind as it forges stronger bonds between them. It is a powerful thought amplifier, and helps with divination. A powerful third eye chakra gemstone.

-Amethyst: Meditation, shamanism, peaceful dreams, helps us access Spirit and connects us to our higher selves. Amethyst is a wonderful Crown Chakra crystal, opening us up to recieve energy from beyond the veil.

-Clear Quartz: Clarity, focus, purity. A wonderful crystal to have for directing your intentions and thoughts. Quartz crystal can help amplify your intentions. It's a wonderful protection crystal. This crystal can be a powerful amplifyer of ALL chakras.

-Sodalite: Inner peace, insight and wisdom. Fosters knowledge and unite practicalities with the sacred laws of the universe. A wonderful throat chakra gemstone, enhancing your communication and allowing your voice to be fully heard by others.

-Black Tourmaline: Believed to dispel negative energies, protecting you from lower vibrations. A grounding mineral that helps calm excessive thoughts and anxiety. It is believed to clear the energy field, shield from psychic attacks and destructive forces.

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