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Blue Quartz, Tumbled

Blue Quartz is a stone of order that can enhance organizational abilities, self-d..

$1.01 US

Chiastiolite, Tumbled

Chiastolite is a variety of andalusite. This reddish-brown-gray stone has a distinctive graphite cro..

$2.82 US

Embroidered Pouch: Purple Moon Goddess

This velvet pouch is embroidered, measures 5" x 7" and has a drawstring.  It is a great pouch..

$8.47 US

Green Kyanite, Tumbled

Wonderful, and rare - Green Kyanite.  Each piece totally unique, measuring approx 22 mm to 25 m..

$4.44 US

Quartz Crystal Mala -15%

Quartz Crystal Mala

Stone beads are used to combine the powers of the stones with the meditation. The cord running thro..

$37.08 US $31.52 US

Little Chakra Buddha

Our adorable praying Buddha is featured sitting in the traditional meditation position. He has bee..

$13.68 US

Sea Salt, Fine - 2oz -15%

Sea Salt, Fine - 2oz

Natural salts are a must for any altar during ritual and spell work plus they have endless uses. ..

$1.57 US $1.34 US

Dead Sea Salt, 2oz

The dead sea is a unique feature of the world. Not only is it a landlocked sea but it contains ten ..

$3.19 US

Altar Poster: Great Mother

This beautiful, simple poster offers a prayer to the Great Mother Spirit, written with in the poetr..

$1.41 US

Altar Poster: Great Father

Offering reverence to the male half of the divine, the Great Father Spirit poster offers prayer to ..

$1.41 US

Altar Poster: Earth Dragon

Beseeching the Earth Dragon as a guardian, and wise spirit of the earth, the Earth Dragon poster di..

$1.41 US

Square Medallion Style Cross Pendant

A beautiful design that consists of a cross within scrollwork, on a 3D style medallion. Double sided..

$34.66 US

Mookaite, Tumbled

Mookaite is a beautiful stone with hues of orange, red, cream, mustard, and brown.  Each piece ..

$2.02 US

Atlantisite, Tumbled

"Atlantisite" is the name given to this beautiful combination of green serpentine with inc..

$6.86 US

Ametrine, Tumbled

Ametrine is said to have all the metaphysical properties of both amethyst and citrine combined, as w..

$1.57 US

Nature's Power Pendant: Rhodocrosite -50%

Nature's Power Pendant: Rhodocrosite

These handcrafted pendants contain tiny crystals or semi-precious stones sealed in a glass vi..

$15.29 US $7.65 US

Nature's Power Pendant: Garnet -50%

Nature's Power Pendant: Garnet

These handcrafted pendants contain tiny crystals or semi-precious stones sealed in a glass vial (ap..

$15.29 US $7.65 US

Citrine Pendant, Polished Point

These pendants are stunning!  Hand-polished gemstone points form a "diamond" shaped tip.  High shin..

$8.03 US

Votive Candle: Nag Champa

Magic Happens with Reiki Charged Herbal Votive Candles. Each of our votives have been designed with ..

$2.82 US

Super Hit Incense Sticks - 40 gram

Satya Super Hit is a beautiful incense made by the makers of the world famous Nag Champa in the blu..

$3.99 US

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