Orca Agate Flame Specimen B

Orca Agate Flame Specimen B

This listing is for the exact Orca Agate Flame specimen you see in the photos. It's absolutely stunning! With colours and patterns that remind us of Orca Whales, this beautiful and relatively rare form of Agate from Madagascar will wow anyone who sees it and holds it.

Size: 4.7" tall x 2.9" wide x 2.7" thick.

Flame Shape: Hand polished to resemble the shape of a rising flame. These crystals are crafted for the intention of amplifying your petitions and intentions in a swift manner, much like the swiftness of actual fire flames. Flame crystals represent progression, moving forward, success, determination and passion.

Origin: Madagascar

Metaphysical Properties:
Chakra: Throat
Elements: Water
Zodiac: Gemini

Orca Agate (aka, Blue Agate, Orca Stone, Ocean Agate) is a captivatingly beautiful variety of Chalcedony Agate, from Madagascar with striking gray, blue and white banding. Its unique appearance mimics the patterns of an Orca Whale which inspired its naming. This variety of Chalcedony brings calming energy that helps to instill self confidence through deep introspection into one’s thoughts & feelings. An increasingly popular crystal due to these coveted qualities, this stunning mineral has been embraced within metaphysical circles for only a little over a decade yet it truly stands out from all other crystals.

Orca Agate is a powerful healing crystal that brings internal peace, clarity and forgiveness. Known as a forgiveness stone due to its ability to mend deep emotional wounds, it releases one from negative self-thoughts and invites in spiritual harmony. Orca Agate in known to help with amplifying and enhancing communication. It is said to provide mental clarity and focus, allowing one to more easily express their thoughts and feelings. Additionally, Orca Agate is thought to be a powerful aid in developing spiritual understanding, bringing greater insight into the nature of the universe and all its mysteries. It can also help bring about harmony between body, mind, and spirit by providing protection and grounding energies.

Orca Agate's energy is closely tied to the Throat chakra, promoting clear and effective communication. It encourages you to express your thoughts and emotions in a harmonious and balanced manner.

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