Fairies & Mermaid Statuary

Fairies & Mermaid Statuary

Fairies, Faeries, however you spell it, these little winged beings have made their way into our hearts through fairytales, music and movies.  We invite you to explore the magickal, whimsical and mischievous world of the Fae.

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Peacock Fairy, Meditative

This gorgeous pewter fairy is dressed as a peacock with teal and green colors and small faux jewels...

$22.50 US

Realm Of Enchantment - Anne Stokes

Three of the most majestic members of the fantasy realm come together in this bright and stunning Re..

$184.48 US

The Cradle Mermaid

Based upon the magical artwork of Sheila Wolk, this figurine answers the question of what a baby mer..

$53.39 US

Tree Fairy Garden Starter Kit

Do you have an ugly patch of dirt beneath a spruce tree in your yard that you just have no idea what..

$43.37 US

Upright Mermaid Incense Holder

This unique style of incense holder stands upright, and holds your incense stick as it burns. A gorg..

$20.83 US

Winter Fairy & Baby Dragon

This statue is crafted from cold cast resin, and it is painted by hand to ensure an impressive look...

$62.83 US

Young Mermaid Statue

This delightful statue features a colorful young mermaid enjoying a cozy seat on a pile of rocks ami..

$46.71 US

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