Fairies & Mermaid Statuary

Fairies & Mermaid Statuary

Fairies, Faeries, however you spell it, these little winged beings have made their way into our hearts through fairytales, music and movies.  We invite you to explore the magickal, whimsical and mischievous world of the Fae.

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Fairy & Pegasus Statue

The beautifully crafted Purple Fairy with Pegasus Statue displays a winged fantasy duo in delicately..


Fairy Mushrom Cottage

A beautiful little fairy/gnome/forest creature home that will add something sweet to your garden, fl..


Frog Gossip Fairy Statue

Whether for good or bad, gossip is one of the quickest ways to receive news. The words exchanged h..


Get Out Of My Hot Tub! Figurine

Based on Amy Browns Coffee and Tea Fairy Prints, this tea cup statue is a treasure for those enchant..


Gingerbread Fairy Ornament

This hand-painted resin decoration, created by artist Amy Brown, depicts the confident form of a lit..


Golden Butterfly Fairy Statue

Bright and vivid color makes this pretty pixie a ray of sunshine to have decorating your home. The S..


Guardians of the Forest Fairy Statue

It is said that if you travel deep within the forest, you may come upon the protectors of nature as ..


Lily Of The Valley Fairy Mug

Large mug with comfortable full-sized handle Generous 20-ounce capacity is perf..


Mermaid Blend Tea Cup

The temperature of this brew is just right for this siren of the sea as she sinks deeper into its ..


Mermaid Pearl Statue - Sheila Wolk

Though often associated with shipwrecks and other disasters, mermaids embody the spirit of the ocean..


Morning Bliss Mermaid Coffee Mug

You had better take a closer look at your mug before you take a drink - you might find more than c..


Mother Nature Fairy and Peacock Statue

One can almost imagine the soothing sounds of the forest and the flowery scent in the air when gaz..


Peacock Fairy, Dancing

This gorgeous pewter fairy is dressed as a peacock with teal and green colors and small faux jewels...


Peacock Fairy, Meditative

This gorgeous pewter fairy is dressed as a peacock with teal and green colors and small faux jewels...


Poinsettia Fairy Ornament

Named after the flowers she takes care of, the fairy shown in the Poinsettia Fairy Hanging Ornament ..


Realm Of Enchantment - Anne Stokes

Three of the most majestic members of the fantasy realm come together in this bright and stunning Re..


Relaxing Mermaid Tea Cup

Dozing in the warmth of your morning tea, this mermaid provides an image of utter tranquility. The..


Stocking Stuffer Fairy Ornament

Show your support for their struggle with the Stocking Fairy Hanging Ornament. This hand-painted res..


Stone Fairy Garden Starter Kit

If you have a pot of petunias or a stone cistern that you would like to give a fantasy twist, look n..


Tea Bath Fairy Statue

The Tea Bath Fairy Statue is inspired by the artwork of Renee Biertempfel and shows a playful fairy ..