Fairies & Mermaid Statuary

Fairies & Mermaid Statuary

Fairies, Faeries, however you spell it, these little winged beings have made their way into our hearts through fairytales, music and movies.  We invite you to explore the magickal, whimsical and mischievous world of the Fae.

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Believe - Shell Trinket Dish

Wonderfully detailed ceramic with a soft blue glaze inside. These trinket dishes are great for keys,..

$12.48 US

Book Club Fae Statue

Book Club FaeIf you love books and fantasy, then this is the figurine for you! It's based upon the a..

$69.51 US

Bookworm Fae

If you enjoy books, especially fantasy novels, then this is the figurine for you! The charming pix..

$65.92 US

Bronze Mermaid Incense Holder

Let this beautiful mermaid hold your incense while it burns.  Crafted of cold-cast resin and ha..

$20.00 US

Charming Green Fairy Trinket Box

This charming green fairy sits on top of her box guarding the secret treasures stowed inside. Detail..

$33.35 US

Christmas Cookie Fairy Statue

Based on the whimsical fantasy art of Amy Brown, this cheeky little fairy is adorned in her Holiday ..

$46.71 US

Comfort Cup Fairy Figurine

Those who love their morning cup of coffee can surely understand the reaction of this fairy, wh..

$42.79 US

Daydreamer Fairy

This beautiful large display piece is a stunning work of art. The beautiful fairy rests in the grass..

$275.48 US

Double Mermaid Decor Dish

A beautiful mermaid and shell themed decor dish to hold your jewellery, tumbled stones and other tre..

$58.40 US

Emerald Wishes

Retired Bradford Exchange collectible by Nene Thomas..

$37.56 US

Fairy & Unicorn Hanging - Alchemy Gothic

Add some magic into your private space and transport yourself to a magical kingdom of fairies and un..

$37.53 US

Fairy & Unicorn Statue

A beautiful fairy with her unicorn friend. Crafted of cold-casted resin and hand painted with great ..

$70.09 US

Fairy & Wolf Friend Table

Intricately sculpted in high quality resin and hand painted to perfection, this lovely fairy table b..

$651.19 US

Fairy and Dragon on a Seesaw

What could be better than hanging out with your best friend? This fairy and her dragon companion are..

$101.65 US

Fairy Mushroom Backflow Incense Burner

This cute little fairy and her toadstool will brighten your life. A beautiful incense holder for bac..

$35.02 US

Fairy On A Unicorn Pewter Statue

Capture the essence of magic and enchantment with this lovely Fairy on a Unicorn. An added touch of ..

$21.67 US

Fairy On Lily Pad Jewellery Dish

Lily pads are an excellent place for a fairy nap. A fairy lies in repose on the edge of a lily pad, ..

$33.35 US

Fairy Trinket Dish

This beautiful little trinket dish was handmade with lead-free pewter. It's a beautiful piece to h..

$20.83 US

Fairyland Fairy - Autumn Leaf

Fairies tend to love all seasons equally, and for proof of that, you need only look at this Autumn F..

$26.30 US

Fairyland Fairy on Autumn Leaf

What's she thinking about?  Perhaps she is contemplating the changing seasons - perhaps she jus..

$36.11 US

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