Fairies & Mermaid Statuary

Fairies & Mermaid Statuary

Fairies, Faeries, however you spell it, these little winged beings have made their way into our hearts through fairytales, music and movies.  We invite you to explore the magickal, whimsical and mischievous world of the Fae.

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Pumpkin Pixie Statue

This sweet little pumpkin fairy would make a lovely addition to your fairy collection year round, es..

$15.11 US


Meet “Ruby” and her adorable friend Fire, a melt-your-heart twosome believed to bring fi..

$23.24 US

Sea Beacon Fairy Figurine

Sea Beacon by Jasmine Becket Griffith features a fairy wearing a black and turquoise dress that loo..

$15.11 US

Serenity - Jessica Galbreth

This 7" tall, hand painted resin figurine is based on the Serenity painting by Jessica Galbreth and ..

$29.41 US

Soul Mates (Dragon & Maiden) Collectible - Anne Stokes

The dark romance and exquisite details of artist Anne Stokes's renowned fantasy artwork is brought ..

$139.47 US

Teeny Tiny Fairy Garden

This mini kit includes everything you need to create your own teeny-tiny fairy garden and make your ..

$9.69 US

The Brat Fairy Statue

Based on the art piece by Amy Brown of the same name, The Brat is a mischevious fairy in Amy's signa..

$32.51 US

Titania - Ruth Thompson

Measuring approx. 7.5" tall, this fairy is a larger collectible piece.  She is hand painted and..

$32.51 US

Violet Angel Figurine

Violet Angel by Jasmine Becket Griffith features an angel dressed in all violet from head to toe. S..

$15.11 US

Vivianne Fairy - Oben

Here we present a beautiful fairy by French Artist Olivier Ledroit.  This is one of his stunnin..

$29.41 US

Autumn Cup Fairy Statue

The harvest is finished, and the trees have altered their colors. Now it is time for a sip, or maybe..

$41.03 US

Autumn Fae Statue

In the fall, nature is at one of its most active points. Trees prepare for the cold of winter, crops..

$51.10 US

Autumn Leaf Fairy Statue

The Autumn Leaf Fairy Statue reveals a playful side as she awaits the exciting changes that the fall..

$29.41 US

Book Fairy Statue

This little pixie knows just what to do on a rainy day... read a book! The lovely little fae has a b..

$49.55 US

Book Muse Fairy Statue

What better way to spend some free time than by diving into a good book? This little pixie, inspired..

$49.55 US

Charming Green Fairy Trinket Box

This charming green fairy sits on top of her box guarding the secret treasures stowed inside. Detail..

$30.96 US

Christmas Cookie Fairy Statue

Based on the whimsical fantasy art of Amy Brown, this cheeky little fairy is adorned in her Holiday ..

$37.93 US

Comfort Cup Fairy Figurine

Those who love their morning cup of coffee can surely understand the reaction of this fairy, wh..

$32.51 US

Cora The Fairy and her Snail Friend

Cora the fairy is a charming little thing, sitting atop her snail friend and enjoying the day. One c..

$17.01 US

Emerald Wishes

Retired Bradford Exchange collectible by Nene Thomas..

$34.86 US

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