Specimens & Fossils

Specimens & Fossils
Rare gemstone, mineral and fossil specimens that can really enhance the positive energy of a room and sacred space.  These are head turning pieces that will start conversations.  They are pieces of our earth's ancient history, and are sacred.  We have an ever-changing selection of very special and unique pieces, so please check back often. 
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Shungite, Tumbled

It said that if you seek shungite, or are gifted a piece, that you will know exactly how you are mea..

$2.73 US

Agate Free Form Set Of Two

These creamy banded Agate palm stones are so soothing and calming to hold. They each have such a gen..

$10.86 US

Amethyst Cluster Specimens

Amethyst is a meditation gem, used often for dream recall, peaceful sleep so you wake up feeling ref..

$11.64 US

Amethyst Heart Specimen

These amazing Amethyst Hearts have been fully polished on the sides and bottom, but the top has been..

$54.47 US

Aqua Aura Cluster

Aqua Aura Quartz is the end result of a process which uses intense heat to infuse 24 karat gold vapo..

$25.66 US

Aqua Aura Specimen Pendants

This naturally shaped aura quartz crystal point is drilled and ready to add to a necklace, jewellery..

$10.86 US

Aura Quartz, Med

Aura Quartz crystals have been part of the New Age movement since the 1980’s, prized for their abili..

$14.76 US

Aura Quartz, Sm

Aura Quartz crystals have been part of the New Age movement since the 1980’s, prized for their abili..

$6.97 US

Black Obsidian Palm Stone - Engraved Flower Of Life

Black Obsidian Stone is a powerful cleanser of psychic smog created within your aura, and is a stron..

$13.98 US

Brazilian Banded Amethyst Crystal

These rare and very hard to come by crystals are a form of Amethyst only found in Brazil.  They..

$3.50 US

Bumblebee Jasper Oval Stone

Enhance Creativity & Boost Self Esteem!These beautiful Bumble Bee Jasper oval stones are wonderf..

$14.76 US

Calcite Specimen B

This beautiful piece of calcite is one of a kind and truly gorgeous with its unique bands of color t..

$36.56 US

Carnelian Palm Stone - Engraved Flower Of Life

Carnelians element is fire and it resonates with Cancer, Leo and Taurus. It's planet is Mars. It is ..

$14.76 US

Chakra Stone Reiki Tool

An excellent massaging tool for applying pressure, this gemstone massager is perfect for the Reiki e..

$7.75 US

Citrine Cluster Specimen

The color of Citrine is happy, joyful, inspiring and cheerful.  This energetic crystal can help..

$6.97 US

Dinosaur Bone ~ For Connection To Ancient Earth Energies

Fossils are a wonderful tool to assist you in moving from the old to the new and to be receptiv..

$6.62 US

Gold Aura Kyanite Blade

These Gold Aura Kyanite blades show off that amazing feather-like characteristic that Kyanite is kno..

$15.53 US

Goniatite Shell Fossil

Goniatites are extinct cephalopod molluscs of the genus Goniatites and related genera, similar to am..

$10.08 US

Himalayan Quartz Specimen, Large

Himalayan Quartz helps to establish a strong, clear connection to higher guidance. These stones carr..

$46.68 US

Mosasaur Jaw Fossil Specimen

The fossil is a composite of genuine mosasaur teeth and bone found in Morocco which has been reset i..

$35.00 US

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