Almandine Garnet Specimen

Almandine Garnet Specimen

In addition to the generic healing properties of Garnet, Almandine represents profound love.  It is strongly regenerative in its healing qualities, stimulating strength and stamina.  It energizes between the base and crown chakras.  It allows you to access and integrate truth.  It provides connection with the higher intellect.

Almandine cultivates a sense of security, safety and abundance. It is a stone of physical love and relationships, and a spiritual stone of psychic protection. It increases willpower and resistance to all things negative. Almandine Garnet ranges in colour from light to deep scarlet, dark red, and muted shades of brown.

Each specimen is unique and will be chosen for you with much love.


Tiny: .5"

Teeny: 3/4"

Small: 1"

Medium: 1.25"

Large: 1 3/4" to 2"

XL: 2+ "

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