Incense Holders

Incense Holders

A variety of holders for all kinds of incense.

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Jeweled Elephant Incense Holder

This adorable little incense holder is crafted of lacquered clay.  It features little  jew..

$6.66 US

Little Buddha Cone Incense Burner

Use this lovely Buddha ceramic incense holder to burn your favourite fragrant incense cones. This me..

$17.99 US

Lotus Buddha Backflow Incense Burner

This beautiful golden colored cold-cast resin incense burner holds backflow style incense cones. Bac..

$10.94 US

Medicine Buddha Incense Holder

This exquisite ceramic incense holder depicts the Medicine Buddha. Let his presence guide you in hea..

$8.58 US

Moon Buddha Backflow Incense Burner -6%

Moon Buddha Backflow Incense Burner

This beautiful Moon Buddha ceramic backflow incense burner features a peaceful Buddha praying on a m..

$36.03 US $33.70 US

Moon Phases Incense Box

This unique wooden incense storage box showcases beautiful golden coloured moon phases, hand carved ..

$18.78 US

Pentacle Incense Holder / Ash Tray

This multi-use dish is crafted of resin and hand painted to resemble a closed magickal book. Use for..

$19.99 US

Praying Monk Incense Stick Holder

This adorable little ceramic Monk incense holder is sure to bring a smile to all who see him. He has..

$9.37 US

Purple Dragon & Sphere Incense Holder

Bring a touch of fantasy to any room or space with a dragon incense holder. The mighty purple-blue d..

$17.21 US

Purple Geode Dragon Incense Burner

A metallic purple baby dragon has perched himself atop a sparkling geode crystal. When you place you..

$30.54 US

Soapstone Om Incense Holder

This great little handmade incense burner is crafted of soapstone with an etched OM symbol.  A ..

$7.02 US

Soapstone Tree Of Life Incense Holder

This natural soapstone stick incense holder displays the beautiful etchings of the Celtic Tree Of Li..

$12.50 US

Standing Unicorn Incense Holder

Enjoy the feeling of fairytale enchantment when you enjoy your favorite scents using the Unicorn Sta..

$18.78 US

Swiftlite Charcoal Tablets, Large

Light the charcoal in a heat safe dish and allow the flame to cross the entire surface of the tablet..

$3.10 US

Tree Of Life Incense Plate, Soapstone

This round soapstone incense holder features a detailed engraving of the Tree Of Life symbol. Good f..

$8.23 US

Tree Of Life Soapstone Dish

This fun disc shaped incense holder is engraved soapstone with a lovely Tree Of Life. These burners ..

$10.58 US

Triquetra Incense Holder / Altar Tile

Our metal silver toned incense holder is molded into an original Triquetra symbol pierced with six w..

$8.58 US

UFO Incense Backflow Burner

This fun little incense holder works well with our backflow incense cones (see our incense section)...

$10.58 US

Unicorn Rainbow Incense Holder

Enjoy the feeling of fairytale enchantment when you enjoy your favorite scents using the Unicorn Rai..

$18.78 US

Wooden Incense Holder - Angel

This classic incense holder design is crafted of wood and has a hole for your incense stick, and a r..

$3.10 US

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