Incense Holders

Incense Holders

A variety of holders for all kinds of incense.

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Happy Sun Ash Catcher

An ash catcher suitable for stick or cone incense, carved with rope work and a dimpled design around..

$5.08 US

Incense Burner, Various Designs

These wooden incense burners hold stick style incense and come in three designs.  They each mea..

$4.65 US

Incense Holder for Sticks and Cones

This beautiful green glass incense holder was crafted in Canada.  There is a place to put stick..

$10.12 US

Incense Holder, Celtic Tree

This lovely round wooden incense holder features a beautiful Celtic tree symbol designed on a round ..

$9.34 US

Incense Holder, Wooden Om

This lovely round wooden incense holder features a beautiful Om symbol designed on a round copper sh..

$9.34 US

Incense Plates, Various Designs

Hand painted wooden incense plates hold your stick incense.  Each measure 4" x 4".  They a..

$4.65 US

Incense Pyramid Box

Handmade wooden incense towers make an attractive addition to the home or meditation corner. Incense..

$13.67 US

Jeweled Elephant Incense Holder

This adorable little incense holder is crafted of lacquered clay.  It features little  jew..

$6.64 US

Little Buddha Cone Incense Burner

Use this lovely Buddha ceramic incense holder to burn your favourite fragrant incense cones. This me..

$17.93 US

Lotus Incense Holder

These two toned ceramic incense holders are shaped into a simple lotus flower in a stunning midnight..

$4.65 US

Master Meow Incense Holder

This adorable zen cat is meditating near a lotus pond. He holds a heart in his paws, and wears a pra..

$28.08 US

Metal Chakra Symbol Incense Holder

This white metal antique finish Chakra symbol incense burner features embossed chakras symbols. Fine..

$12.89 US

Moon Buddha Backflow Incense Burner

This beautiful Moon Buddha ceramic backflow incense burner features a peaceful Buddha praying on a m..

$35.90 US

Notre Dame Gargoyle Incense Holder

If you're looking for an impressive incense holder for your stick incense, this is it!  This am..

$17.93 US

Ouija Planchette Incense Burner

This unique Ouija Planchette shaped incense burner will add some fun to your sacred space.Features a..

$10.12 US

Owl Dish / Candle Holder

Great for holding your Candles, Incense, Sage, or other offerings!Ceramic.  Choose your colour,..

$8.20 US

Praying Monk Incense Stick Holder

This adorable little ceramic Monk incense holder is sure to bring a smile to all who see him. He has..

$9.34 US

Purple Geode Dragon Incense Burner

A metallic purple baby dragon has perched himself atop a sparkling geode crystal. When you place you..

$30.43 US

Selenite Chakra Incense Holder

A beautiful piece of polished Selenite stone with etched Chakra symbols.  This holder will hold..

$21.84 US

Soapstone Incense Holder (white), Flower Of Life

This round soapstone incense holder features a detailed engraving of the sacred flower of life symbo..

$7.77 US

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