Incense Holders

Incense Holders

A variety of holders for all kinds of incense.

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Buddha Lotus Backflow Burner

A beautiful incense holder for backflow style incense cones. Just place the incense cone atop the pi..

$34.99 US

Buddha Lotus Backflow Incense Burner

This beautiful Buddha-Lotus ceramic backflow incense burner is perfect to use during your meditation..

$45.83 US

Candle & Incense Altar Piece: Sacral Chakra

This carved marble incense and votive holder lets the joyful sacral chakra energies infuse your spac..

$24.98 US

Celestial Moon Incense Holder

A beautiful blue celestial incense holder for sticks and cones. This piece will add a touch of magic..

$9.97 US

Celtic Werewolf Incense Holder

Werewolf Incense Burner. Werewolf with Celtic Design. There is felt on the bottom to protect your ..

$23.31 US

Ceramic Chakra Incense Holder

This lovely incense holder is covered with a layer of glass chakra colored mosaics on a ceramic..

$16.64 US

Ceramic Incense Bowls, Pack of 6

You'll receive a pack of 6 glazed pottery incense holders, each featuring a unique design. They meas..

$13.30 US

Chakra Altar Plate / Incense Holder Set

This gorgeous set of 7 round soapstone incense holders is each intricately carved with one of the de..

$64.18 US

Chakra Lotus Incense Holder

A beautiful lotus flower with the various chakra colored faux jewels on each leaf. A meditating lady..

$17.47 US

Charcoal Tablets For Incense

Three Kings brand charcoal tablets for your resin and herbal incense blends.Each pack contains 10 di..

$2.09 US

Colored Sand for Incense Holders

This colored sand is great for using as a buffer in your bowl style incense holders.  It acts a..

$2.46 US

Crystal Inlay Incense Holder, Goddess Moonstone

This unique wooden incense holder features a Goddess design and inlay Moonstone crystals. Holds re..

$12.09 US

Crystal Inlay Incense Holder, Healing Hands & Amethyst

This unique wooden incense holder features a healing hands design and inlay Amethyst crystals. Holds..

$12.09 US

Crystal Inlay Incense Holder, Lotus & Rose Quartz

This unique wooden incense holder features a lotus design and inlay Rose Quartz crystals. The word "..

$12.09 US

Crystal Inlay Incense Holder, Wolf Black Onyx

This unique wooden incense holder features a wolf design and inlay Black Onyx crystals. Holds regu..

$12.09 US

Dragon Castle Backflow Incense Burner

Can use up to 3 back flow cones at once!  Made cold-casted resin and hand painted. Must use Bac..

$37.49 US

Dragon Cone Incense Burner/Sphere Display

A 1.5 inch diameter pewter dragon cone incense burner, has a central dragon motif and three dragon..

$7.47 US

Dragon Glass Incense Holder/Dish

Use as a dish, an incense holder, or many other uses.  Adorned with a silver-tone dragon charm ..

$12.50 US

Dragon Hanging Backflow Incense Burner

This unique incense holder works with backflow incense cones. Place the cone at the back, light it, ..

$39.99 US

Dragon Head Incense Burner, Stone

A dragon head incense burner crafted of cold-cast resin and painted to resemble stone.  The dra..

$37.49 US

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