Incense Holders

Incense Holders

A variety of holders for all kinds of incense.

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Dragon Head Incense Burner, Stone

A dragon head incense burner crafted of cold-cast resin and painted to resemble stone.  The dra..

$33.16 US

Dragon Incense & Candle Holder

If you're looking for an impressive incense holder for your stick incense, this is it!  This am..

$16.93 US

Dragon Zen Backflow Incense Burner

The Dragon Zen Ceramic Backflow incense burner features a special square receptacle that makes the d..

$23.24 US

Dragonfly Backflow Incense Burner

This beautiful Dragonfly Ceramic Backflow incense burner is perfect to use during your meditation or..

$29.47 US

Flower Of Life Incense Holder - Copper Finish

This lovely ceramic incense holder is hand made in Nepal with antique copper finish. It will accommo..

$7.34 US

Flower Of Life Incense Holder - Purple

This lovely wooden ash catcher has been painted purple (lead-free, eco-paint) and designed to showca..

$7.75 US

Flower Of Life Incense Holder / Altar Tile

Unlock the secrets of the universe as you burn your favorite stick or cone incense with this striki..

$9.22 US

Flower Of Life Incense Plate, Multi-color

The Flower of life is engraved in vibrant color and detail on this round natural soapstone incense b..

$11.03 US

Flower Of Life Incense Plate, Soapstone

This round soapstone incense holder features a detailed engraving of the sacred flower of life symbo..

$13.98 US

Green Crystal Dragon LED Backflow Incense Burner

Why have a plain and boring incense burner when you can have a stunning one like this Green Crystal ..

$41.28 US

Green Dragon Backflow Incense Burner

Green Dragon Back Flow Incense Burner with LED Lights.  This burner works best with backflow st..

$28.00 US

Green Geode Dragon Incense Burner

A metallic green baby dragon has perched himself atop a sparkling geode crystal. When you place your..

$28.74 US

Green Man & Owl Incense Holder

This whimsical incense holder depicts the Green Man and an owl on a tree trunk, molded into a recept..

$17.67 US

Green Man Stick Incense Holder

Green Man Wooden Plate Sticks Burner - 4.5" Diameter.A wonderful addition to your sacred altar space..

$10.29 US

Greenman Incense Holder

Let this wise old tree stump, representing Greenman energy, be your incense guardian. Holds regular ..

$23.57 US

Happy Sun Ash Catcher

An ash catcher suitable for stick or cone incense, carved with rope work and a dimpled design around..

$4.80 US

Incense Burner, Various Designs

These wooden incense burners hold stick style incense and come in three designs.  They each mea..

$4.39 US

Incense Holder for Sticks and Cones

This beautiful green glass incense holder was crafted in Canada.  There is a place to put stick..

$9.55 US

Incense Holder, Celtic Tree

This lovely round wooden incense holder features a beautiful Celtic tree symbol designed on a round ..

$8.82 US

Incense Holder, Wooden Om

This lovely round wooden incense holder features a beautiful Om symbol designed on a round copper sh..

$8.82 US

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