Journals & Notebooks

Journals & Notebooks

A journal is such a magickal tool where you can record your day, sketches and doodles, poetry, quotes, and any thoughts you want to jot down.  Journals become a part of us as we fill the pages with bits and pieces of who we are.  Journaling can help us heal and get through tough times in life, and provide a place to record our happy moments too.  Here we have a selection of journals we think you'll love.

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Once Upon A Time Journal

The Fairytale Embossed Journal features the Once Upon a Time picture by artist Anne Stokes on its fr..


Pentacle Journal, with latch

NEW!  Hand tooled blank leather journal with beautiful leather work of spirals and unique patte..


Pentagram Rose Journal

This beautiful journal features Celtic triquetra knots in each corner, a pentagram surrounded by red..


Raven Journal With Pen

Featuring a magnificently unique and eye catching design, the Embossed Book of Shadows Journal with ..


Sacred Oak Tree Journal

This beautiful leather journal features Celtic patterns and a sacred Oak Tree.  It measures 5" ..


Silver & Black Pentacle Journal, Leather

NEW! This stunning journal is very eye-catching and would look amazing on your altar space.Features:..


Silver Owl Leather Journal

This leather blank book, has a black background, that compliments the intricate silver tooling and e..


The Old Ways Journal

This beautiful journal by Tree Free Greetings and Gifts was crafted using paper and materials from s..


Time's Up Kitty Journal

Ever so slowly the seconds tick away, but the cat on the Times Up Embossed Journal is not so eager t..


Tree Of Life Druid Journal - Black/Green

NEW!  This journal is a work of art.  Perfect for everyday thoughts, poetry, art, recipes,..


Tree Of Life Journal - Lisa Parker

A beautiful ring bound journal with artwork by Lisa Parker.  8.5".  ..


Tree Of Life Journal, Green, with latch

A beautiful new design in journals.  This is a work of art.-Green embossed leather with Tree Of..


Tree Of Life Journal, Tan, with Latch - Large

NEW!  Hand tooled blank leather journal with embossed covers featuring the Tree of Life and the..


Tree Of Life Leather Journal, Green

This beautiful leather journal with handmade linen paper and brass latch is a wonderful place to kee..


Tree Of Life Leather Journal, Select Size

A place for your sacred thoughts, sketches, recipes, and more.  These hand-tooled leather journ..


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