Celtic Triskelle Bracelet, Emerald & Tourmaline

Celtic Triskelle Bracelet, Emerald & Tourmaline

A beautiful Celtic spiral Triskelle charm on a bracelet crafted of genuine green Emerald and Black Tourmaline beads. There are small cubic zirconia spacer beads that accent the bracelet nicely. This is a stretchy style bracelet that will fit most.

Emerald: Luck, prosperity, abundance, good health, good fortune, safe travels

Black Tourmaline: Protective energy, grounding, comforting, helps sheils against EMF rays from electronics, helps sheild from negative energies

Triskelle: Many historians state that the Triskele, or Triple Spiral is the oldest symbol of spirituality. The name comes from the Greek words "Tri" and "Skelos," which, when translated to English, mean "three legs." In the ancient origins of Irish culture, the Triple Spiral is said to be an important spiritual marking.

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