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Trivets & Tiles

Trivets and tiles for your countertops, coffee tables, and sacred space.  

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Handmade Wooden Altar Tile

Homemade wooden Altar tiles, in genuine Maple, Walnut or Pine.  An altar tile is a great fo..

$15.74 US

Triquetra Altar Tile, Soapstone

A beautiful soapstone altar tile featuring a Triquetra Celtic knot.  6".  ..

$11.83 US

Triquetra Altar Tile, Wood, Cut Out Design

This wonderfully carved and stained wooden altar tile will fit in even the smallest of altar spaces ..

$6.27 US

Black & Gold Altar Plate, Glass

This altar plate tile makes a lovely, versatile piece for your sacred space.  Stand it as shown..

$15.74 US

Cat's Kitchen Trivet

Darkly beautiful black cat artwork is presented on this unique serving trivet, and reads "Witches Ki..

$26.44 US

Chakra Altar Plate / Incense Holder Set

This gorgeous set of 7 round soapstone incense holders is each intricately carved with one of the de..

$60.72 US

Incense Burner, Various Designs

These wooden incense burners hold stick style incense and come in three designs.  They each mea..

$4.70 US

Incense Plates, Various Designs

Hand painted wooden incense plates hold your stick incense.  Each measure 4" x 4".  They a..

$4.70 US

Magic Symbols Trivet

Food is magic! Bring some magic to your kitchen area with this simply divine magic symbol trivet/ ch..

$22.85 US

Meditation & Altar Mat: Chakra Lotus

This beautiful round Lotus Tapestry-Yoga Mat comes in a beautiful Chakra color print. It has been ni..

$26.00 US

Sacred Geometry Coaster Set

These Sacred Geometry coasters are perfect to use where furniture requires protection. Beautiful as..

$11.01 US

Selenite Pentacle Incense Holder / Altar Tile

A powerful protective symbol, the pentacle (5 pointed star) is beautifully engraved on this round Se..

$23.63 US

Triquetra Soapstone Altar Tile

A lovely hand-carved soapstone Altar Tile with the Celtic Triquetra knot which represents the t..

$3.12 US

Witches Brew Coaster

Are you a bit Witchy and enjoy your daily morning brew?  Then we have the perfect coaster espec..

$5.48 US

Witches Brew Trivet

A fun and functional teapot shaped coaster baring the 'Witches Brew' design. A darkly beautiful addi..

$10.22 US

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