Cloths & Tapestries

Cloths & Tapestries

A selection of altar cloths, tapestries, curtains, meditation pillows and mats, and other items to soften up your sacred space and home.

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Altar Cloth: Nile Goddess

Here you will find the Nile Moon Goddess portrayed lovingly on this 3' by 3' square of cloth, that c..

$42.18 US

Greenman Altar Cloth

The verdant Greenman is portrayed on this altar cloth, with swirling Celtic knot work and oak leaves..

$12.71 US

Moon Goddess Altar Cloth

A wonderful altar cloth with a large central goddess figure on a crescent moon, bordered by more moo..

$5.18 US

Moon Phase Altar Cloth

Surrounded in intricate Celtic knot designs and ancient goddess symbols, the center of this deep gre..

$5.18 US

Ouija-Board Altar Cloth

Discover a realm of true communication with the energies and spirits all around you with this Oujia-..

$15.10 US

Pendulum Mat: Celtic Triquetra

A great way to get to know your pendulum. A yes/no/maybe mat that helps you get used to your pend..

$15.89 US

Pentacle Altar Cloth, 18

This cloth, perfect for the medium sized table or altar, is a purple & black masterpiece. A black pe..

$5.18 US

Pentacle Altar Cloth, Gold/Silver/Black

The perfect addition to your altar or sacred space, this altar cloth features a silver pentagram, s..

$15.10 US

Pentagram Goddess Altar Cloth

Focused upon an image of a fertility goddess backed by an intricate pentagram, this altar cloth is a..

$5.18 US

Rune Mother Altar Cloth

Surrounded by magical Norse runes for healing and good luck, the Mother of all runes is portrayed as..

$42.18 US

Triple Moon Altar Cloth

This violet tie-dyed altar cloth features the design of the Triple Moon symbol of the goddess upon ..

$5.18 US

Triple Moon Altar Cloth, Gold/Black

Perfect for a medium sized altar or table and wonderful for wrapping your Tarot deck, this altar cl..

$10.75 US

Triquetra Altar Cloth, Gold/Silver/Black

A potent symbol for any altar, the Triquetra most often represents the Maiden, Mother and Crone of t..

$15.10 US

Angel Of Peace Tapestry

This 54" by 86" Celestial tapestry features an Angel of Peace surrounded by a border of knotwork and..

$25.45 US

Celtc Tree Of Life Altar Cloth

A beautiful Tree of Life altar cloth, featuring a large central Tree of Life with root & branch ..

$5.18 US

Celtic Purple Altar Cloth

With an ornate black Celtic border jumping off of its purple background, and accenting an inner ci..

$4.74 US

Celtic Shield Knot Altar Cloth

Tie dyed in greens and blacks, this powerful shield in Celtic knots can be used for altar or your fa..

$11.91 US

Celtic Tree Of Life Tapestry

This 72" by 108" tapestry depicts the Celtic Tree of Life in a lightly tie-dyed green on a black bac..

$30.23 US

Celtic Triquetra Tapestry Cloth

A 100% cotton tapestry with a bold Triquetra design and various Celtic knots printed in black on a p..

$28.64 US

Chakra Altar Cloth

This is a dark blue 18" x 18" altar cloth with the chakra symbols in a circle on the front. Great ..

$5.18 US

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