Ritual Supply

Ritual Supply

Here we have a selection of ritual items and kits for aiding with magickal work. You don't have to be of any one set faith to hold a ritual or meditate, these kits are designed for everyone.  Sometimes we all need some "me" time, and these well-put-together kits can help guide those who are new to this practice, and are a nice treat for anyone, regardless of experience.  If you have any questions at all, that's why we're here!  Send us an email or give us a call.  Blessed Be.

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Altar Poster: Wiccan Rede (Short)

Traditional rhyme outlining the Wiccan Rede, which is the only `law` accepted by most Wiccans: An ye..

$1.29 US

Altar Poster: Witches' Rune

Rhyming chant used during the circle dance to raise the cone of power in Traditional Wicca covens. U..

$1.29 US

Black Cat Bone (Root)

This magically treated root, known as a Black Cat Bone, is a powerful addition to spellwork involvin..

$5.14 US

Parchment Paper 5 Pack, 8 1/2" x 11"

This light parchment paper is perfect when you wish to craft written magick but need to be able to ..

$2.18 US

Parchment Paper Pack 8.5" x 11"

Pack of 25 sheets. High quality paper. Used as a magical writing paper, unbleached and untouched b..

$6.10 US

Parchment Paper Pack, 3" x 4"

These 3" by 4" sheets of parchment paper are perfect for those spells and rituals that require writ..

$2.03 US

Practical Magic Gift Set

Find all the tools you need to enchant the everyday and harness the power of magic--through crystals..

$9.57 US

Ritual Set Business Success

Create a ritual for success in business and increased cash flow. Contains: 1 Business SuccessBeeswax..

$22.13 US

Ritual Set Clearing

Create a ritual to cleanse your space of negative energy, or when people in your environment areargu..

$22.13 US

Ritual Set Love

Create a ritual to attract love and friendship, or to increase the love that you have. Contains:1 ..

$22.13 US

Ritual Set Protection

Create a ritual for physical, emotional, and psychic protection. Contains: 1 Protection BeeswaxSp..

$22.13 US

Spell Working Feathers, Assorted Colors

These feathers can be used for many things, such as smudging, crafts, or sharpen the end a bit and u..

$1.29 US

Writing Kit: Bat's Blood

The Bat’s Blood writing kit comes with 5 sheets of parchment, 1 feather you can shape into a quill p..

$5.54 US

Writing Kit: Dove's Blood

The Dove’s Blood writing kit comes with 5 sheets of parchment, 1 feather you can shape into a quill ..

$5.54 US

Writing Kit: Money Drawing

The Money Drawing writing kit comes with 5 sheets of parchment, 1 feather you can fashion into a qui..

$5.54 US

Attraction Talisman Spell Kit

These awesome talisman kits are complete spells, or rituals, unto themselves. These beautiful kits..

$27.31 US

Beltane Sabbat Ritual Kit

Beltane Sabbat Ritual Kit The LAST two kits in stock that will contain these items, as we'll be..

$27.31 US

Boxed Ritual: Attract Soulmate

This kit was crafted to help you open up the space in your life to welcome in a new relationship. Th..

$18.44 US

Boxed Ritual: Banishing

This boxed ritual kit provides you with all of the tools and instruction you need to work a powerf..

$18.44 US

Boxed Ritual: Centering

Whether you're just feeling a bit off or looking to create a bit of order and harmony in your life, ..

$18.44 US

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