Grey Dragon Stem Goblet

Grey Dragon Stem Goblet

Dragons are powerful and impressive creatures. Imbue your drinks with their majesty by drinking out of the Grey Dragon Stem Goblet at your next meal. Made from cold cast resin, this grey goblet features a stainless steel lining. The lining makes it drink safe. A dragon standing on its rear legs creates the stem of this cup. Its tail curls to form a stable base and its wings grasps the cup. Intricate scales cover the top half of the chalice. Hand-painted, this goblet is intricately detailed and textured. This elegant goblet is a fantastic addition to any dragon or drinkware collection.

Key Features:

-Drink safe lining

-Intricately textured and handpainted

Materials: Made from cold cast resin and stainless steel

Measurements: Height: 7 Inches

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