Cauldrons add a touch of magick and wonder to your altar and sacred space. Use them for burning incense & herbs, to hold candles, your crystals and sacred items, and so many more uses.  

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Cast Iron Cauldron

A cute little cast iron cauldron at 2.5" in diameter.  It stands on the traditional 3 legs and ..

$13.15 US

Cast Iron Cauldron, Large

A traditional style cauldron that is sure to add a bit of magick to your altar and sacred space deco..

$40.35 US

Cast Iron Cauldron, Moon Goddess

A beautiful traditional style cast iron cauldron with raised Moon Goddess symbol.  Stands on 3 ..

$29.64 US

Cast Iron Cauldron, Pentacle

Small cast iron cauldron on three legs with a handle and a  lid. A pentacle is embossed on two..

$14.80 US

Cast Iron Cauldron, Pentacle, Lg

This cast iron cauldron is embossed with a pentacle, has three legs (traditional style), lid and ha..

$28.81 US

Mini Pentacle Cauldron

Measuring in at just 3 3/4" from the base of its three legs to the top of its flip-down carrying ha..

$13.97 US

Colored Sand for Incense Holders

This colored sand is great for using as a buffer in your bowl style incense holders.  It acts a..

$2.43 US

Pentacle Cauldron, 5.5"

This good sized Pentacle Cast iron cauldron is perfect to use for ceremonies to burn your herbs or..

$37.88 US

Resin Pentacle Cauldron

This pewter tone cauldron displays a raised Pentacle on two sides. It has a wire handle, three feet,..

$32.94 US

Witchy Cauldron, Ribbed Cast Iron

A rather unique design.  This black cast iron cauldron is a solid tool for any altar. Set upon ..

$19.74 US

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