Rainbow Fluorite, Green & Purple, Tumbled

Rainbow Fluorite, Green & Purple, Tumbled

A gorgeous new shipment of Rainbow Fluorite.

Fluorite helps to calm the mind, so that instead of trying to address a thousand thoughts at once, you can take things one step at a time. The energy of fluorite gently guides you to sort through your mental clutter. By cleansing away unfounded worries, fluorite makes space for positivity to flow in.

As you sit with fluorite energy, let the powerful energy cleanse your spirit. This stone is known to cleanse all the chakras, before connecting with the heart chakra for an infusion of confidence, relaxation, and compassion.

Each tumbled piece is unique. Sold in singles. Sizing is approximate.

Note: Some pieces are more purple, some are more green and others are a combination. Please allow for these variations. Please also note that this type of Fluorite can have some rough spots and natural chips and flaws.

Size 1: 15 - 18 mm

Size 2: 20 - 22 mm

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