Tarot Card Decks

Tarot Card Decks

Tarot cards have been used for hundreds of years by people of all walks of life, although the first Tarot deck was thought to have originated in ancient Egypt.  Oracle cards are very similar to Tarot, and work much the same.  Tarot and Oracle cards are wonderful tools for self-discovery and insight into your life, as well as the lives of those you may read for.  If you have any questions, or a special deck request, please email us.

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Tarot of the White Cats - P Alligo

Designed in the Rider-Waite tradition, this easy-to-use tarot deck is fun for all levels of tarot en..


Tarot of Vampyres

Finally they're here! The British fantasy artist who illustrated many of the mythology books by Bo..


Thelema Tarot - Lo Scarabeo

Rich in esoteric symbolism, magically inspired, and beautifully illustrated--the Thelema Tarot is wo..


Triple Goddess Tarot - Jaymi Elford

The lush artwork of the Triple Goddess Tarot perfectly captures the deep magic of the feminine divin..


Unicorn Tarot Deck

The magical unicorn offers wisdom and guidance in this enchanting tarot deck.Much as expected, the U..


Universal Tarot Deck

Discover the wisdom and beauty of the major arcana with the most intuitive and symbolic modern carto..


Victoria Frances Gothic Oracle

Discover the dark and mysterious beauty of the Victoria Frances Gothic Oracle. Reveling in the macab..


Victorian Fairy Tarot

Solve everyday problems and receive gifts of spiritual insight as you enter the enchanting world of ..


Vision Quest Tarot Deck - Winter

The soothing imagery and spiritual symbols on the cards will bring you to a new understanding of our..


Voyager Tarot - J Wanless

The Voyager Tarot deck is the oracle for the 21st century. Voyager is a timeless symbology beyond an..


Wisdom Seeker's Tarot NR - David Fontana

Tarot cards have captivated seekers of the truth since the 15th century. Whether used for self-devel..


Circle Of Life Tarot Deck

Discover the great wheel of life as illustrated in this unique round tarot deck, featuring fairy-lik..


Pagan Ways Tarot Deck Set

Pagans recognize that the material world perceived with our five senses is only part of the whol..


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