Summer Solstice - June 20 to 21

Litha is the season of expansion, when the crops burgeon forth. We forget winters cares and spend our days basking under the brilliant light. The Summer Solstice brings us the longest day of the year - the zenith of the Sun King, and also His death as the Holly King dethrones him and takes reign over the now waning year. From now until Yule, the light will fade.

More info on correspondences for this Sabbat can be found HERE.

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Greeting Card: Moon Cycle Goddess

A beautiful greeting card with art by Helena Nelson Reed. Semi-gloss card stock, 5"x 7". Matching en..

$3.88 US

Happy Sun Ash Catcher

An ash catcher suitable for stick or cone incense, carved with rope work and a dimpled design around..

$5.42 US

Herbal Bundle: Blue Sage & Oranges

This hand-bundled herbal stick is crafted of Sage and has been enhanced with Orange peel for happine..

$8.30 US

Herbal Bundle: Sage & White Oak

Sage has been burned for healing and cleansing properties for thousands of years. It has long been a..

$8.30 US

Incense Holder / Altar Tile - Owl Goddess

This metallic incense holder doubles as an altar tile. It is crafted of metal, measuring 2.25" squar..

$4.59 US

Midsummer (Litha) Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: Bask in the warmth of the midsummer sun while sipping this sprightly mix of flowers ..

$12.93 US

Mini Candle - Pine Green

These mini chime candles are great because they are small enough that they don't take up much space ..

$0.49 US

Nag Champa Brand - Sandalwood Incense Cones

SANDALWOODBurned to purify your space of negative energy and lower vibrations, conjure beneficial sp..

$2.29 US

Natural Scents - Nag Champa Sandalwood

The Nag Champa scent you love, crafted by hand in Canada. 20 long burning sticks with a familiar ear..

$4.17 US

Natural Scents Incense - Sunflower

Bright, cheerful, Summer days! This incense smells just like the big yellow flowers we all love. Bri..

$2.92 US

Oak Tree Awen Pendant, Sterling

This beautiful sterling silver pendant with green enamel detailing, depicts the Great Oak tree, and ..

$58.34 US

Oak Tree Pentacle Pendant, Sterling

This pendant is cast in sterling silver and features a detailed Oak Tree pendant with small pentacle..

$27.48 US

Oak, Ask, Thorn Ring - Sterling

Mickie Mueller's Oak Ash & Thorn RingThe Oak, Ash, and Hawthorn trees are a sacred triad of Drui..

$33.32 US

Orange Agate Candle Holder

Another beauty! This Agate candle holder shines bright from within, when a candle is lit and pla..

$26.27 US

Orange Calcite Wand

These wands have rounded ends and 6 sides that gradually taper to a rounded point. They make wonderf..

$15.81 US

Orange Calcite, Tumbled

Calcite is composed of the same material as limestone: calcium carbonate. This transparent crystal c..

$3.13 US

Orange/Black Magic Candle

Handmade 6 inch Magical Candle, nearly 2 inch in diameter.  Lightly scented.  Created by T..

$8.30 US

Orange/Brown Magic Candle

Handmade 6 inch Magical Candle, nearly 2 inch in diameter.  Lightly scented.  Created by T..

$8.30 US

Powder Incense: Sandalwood

Focus the mind and bring about a peaceful atmosphere with this fine sandalwood incense. This incense..

$4.96 US

Sabbat Resin Incense

A universal Sabbat incense, burn during the eight Pagan seasonal celebrations of the Wheel of the Ye..

$7.47 US

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