Stick Incense

Stick Incense

Stick Incense is the easiest form of incense to burn.  Simply light the end and place in a holder.  No mess, no hassel.

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Satya Incense: Sensation

This beautiful incense was crafted to help bring us back down to reality, ground, center and calm. I..

$1.89 US

Satya Incense: Spiritual Aura

The Satya Sai Spiritual Aura Incense has an amazing clean scent that has a sweet aroma that will lea..

$1.89 US

Satya Incense: Spiritual Healing

This uplifting incense has clean citrus scent. It's ideal for meditation and cleansing your sacred s..

$1.89 US

Satya Incense: Traditiona. Ayurveda

Ingredients from the Ayurvedic tradition, this natural incense emits a fresh botanical scent of flow..

$1.89 US

Satya Incense: Tree Of Life

Satya Tree of Life Incense Sticks are a fantastic way to enjoy this famous fragrance. Satya are one ..

$1.89 US

Satya Incense: Vanilla

Masala incense are made in a particular way that uses high-quality natural resins, oils, and herbs t..

$1.89 US

Satya Incense: Variety Gift Pack

A variety pack of some of the most popular incense scents by Satya.  Nag Champa, Superhit, Drag..

$10.54 US

Satya Incense: White Sage

White Sage incense sticks have a softer scent than when burning raw white sage. Clean, woodsy, herba..

$1.89 US

Seven Angels Incense Sticks

Green Tree Masala Incense Sticks are a smooth burning, 100% natural, hand-rolled incense stick made ..

$2.23 US

Seven Chakras Incense Sticks

Beautiful incense sticks designed to help one meditate and focus on each Chakra point for healing.Gr..

$2.23 US

Seven Day Incense Sticks, 20 gr

Each box of seven day incense contains 7 fragrances, 5 sticks of each  Each fragrance has been ..

$2.65 US

Spirit Guide Incense Sticks

Spirit Guide incense is a favorite of many worldwide. It is a great incense for meditation, relaxati..

$2.23 US

Spirit Incense: Bear, Sandalwood

A Sandalwood incense specifically blended to enhance the connection to your totem spirit animal, the..

$2.65 US

Spirit Incense: Medicine Wheel, Musk

An incense specifically blended to enhance healing and connection to the elements. Crafted of high q..

$2.65 US

Spirit Incense: Moon Guidance, Jasmine

An incense specifically blended to enhance the connection to the Moon. Crafted of high quality natur..

$2.65 US

Spirit Incense: Shaman, Lavender

An incense specifically blended to enhance your spiritual practice. Crafted of high quality natural ..

$2.65 US

Spirit Incense: Turtle, Juniper

An incense specifically blended to enhance the connection to your totem spirit animal, the Turtle. C..

$2.65 US

Spirit Incense: Wolf, Frankincense

An incense specifically blended to enhance the connection to your totem spirit animal, the Wolf. Cra..

$2.65 US

Stress Relief Incense Sticks

Who couldn't use a bit of relaxation? This incense was blended to help relieve stress and tension in..

$2.23 US

Tarot Incense: The Moon

Enhance your witchy spiritual practice and tarot readings with natural incense cones that create a b..

$4.91 US

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