Flower of Life Aura Harmonizing Mist

Flower of Life Aura Harmonizing Mist

Flower of Life is for those aspiring to reconnect to the planetary grid for divine purpose, guidance and manifestation. It connects your energetic matrix to both the earth's lei lines and to the planetary grid for the purpose of remembering who you are, why you came here and to discover your life's purpose. The more grounded and connected you become to the earth, the higher you rise in consciousness.

The infused Soul Song assists in the global shift of higher consciousness to the fifth dimension where time and space become null. All the vibrations implemented in the Flower of Life mister relate to the number 5, representing quintessence, the introduction of life itself supporting you in the birth of new awareness. The Flower of Life symbol is the sacred blueprint of all creation and conceals 13 secret informational systems unveiling the truths and structures of our existence such as light, music, periodic table, five platonic shapes, Kabbalah, Akashic records and the Merkaba.

This remedy offers the opportunity to redesign your matrix.

By Sound Essence, 15 ml spray atomizer

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