Sacred Mist: Archangel Gabriel, 15ml

Archangel Gabriel - 15ml

Archangel Gabriel brings the remembrance of your soul calling and life purpose. Gabriel Activates the Soul Star just above your head, and your crown chakra. Pure transcendental light ows down from the Heavens, from God, and your true Being through your soul, Soul Star, and into your body and life. Your path is illumined. The way is made clear. Very great are the resources and treasures that ow to you, empowering your soul calling. One of Gabriel's main jobs is to bring good news to those who are being called to spiritual mission. He appeared to Mother Mary with the remembrance of her mission as the birth mother of Jesus. Gabriel watched over the prophet Muhammad and provided the sacred text. Gabriel inuenced Zoroaster who founded monotheism and was a great angelologist. Angel Gabriel was one of the voices that inspired and guided Joan of Arc. When you are ready, Gabriel announces the duties of your spiritual destiny. Sometimes in bright, dramatic visions, and sometimes in quiet, gentle ways that you discover over time. Pray each night for Gabriel to enfold you in his Resurrection Flame so you can awaken renewed and triumphant, living upward into your soul destiny.

Aroma: Sage, Sandalwood,Tangerine,Vanilla
Herb: Motherwort


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