Unicorn Tarot Deck

Unicorn Tarot Deck
The magical unicorn offers wisdom and guidance in this enchanting tarot deck.

Unicorn Tarot Review by Kilaria on http://www.aeclectic.net/

"My first tarot deck was the Dragon Deck, but I felt that there had to be a deck more suited for me.  I have been in love with unicorns for as long as I can remember.  I had always felt close to them, - so when I found the unicorn deck I didn't hesitate to buy it. 

I took it home, and was instantly drawn to the artwork.  Not only were the images beautiful and detailed, but each card also showed great emotion.  Emotion, to me, is easy to understand, and I was quickly able to learn how to interpret these cards because of it.  The symbolism on the cards was also well done.All the cards from the Major Arcana, to the Minor, are well done.

The unicorns in the Unicorn Tarot come across as guardian angels for human kind.  Like they are always looking over you, and helping you down any path you choose and any bumps you might encounter down the road.  The mystical unicorn is able to guide you to the right path with this deck, and do so clearly and with compassion. 

I would recommend this deck for anybody who is starting out, or who has a great passion for unicorns or horses.  The unicorns bring out wonderful emotion on anybody who decides to read them, or have their future told through their images."

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