Oracle of the Crystal Skulls - Patrice Marty

Oracle of the Crystal Skulls - Patrice Marty

Let Meditations, Exercises, and Chakra Associations Guide You!

Each chakra is associated with a certain color, a duo of deities, a classic element, sounds, an organ of action, a sensory organ, and functions of consciousness. The colors of the cards coincide with their chakra association, and each card directs you to which charka they are associated, along with their material composition.

The Legend of the Skulls

The Mayan legend explains that the day when these skulls, carrying major information on the history of humans and ancient civilizations come together, they will deliver a message about its origin and future. But the legend also warns that when that time comes, mankind must be sufficiently developed and evolved, both morally and spiritually, in a way that they will not abuse this great knowledge.

Meditate with the Skulls

  1. Concentrate on the image and name of the skull. Listen to it's history and message.
  2. Let yourself be filled with the energies of this skull by placing the card in front of the heart chakra.
  3. Release what should be released and welcome what is coming.
  4. Messages and answers can be expressed through feelings, visualizations, images, dreams, or your inner “little voice.” Givethanks for the message.

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