Girosol Sunflower Quartz, Tumbled

Girosol Sunflower Quartz, Tumbled

Girasol is a stone of gentle but powerful calming energy that can enhance and solidify feelings especially when connected to love and passion, enabling clarity of true feelings.  It also enhances creativity in artistic, business and practical areas.

It may look like regular Quartz, but the difference can definitely be seen when holding a piece of Girasol beside clear Quartz. Girasol has a unique shine and almost pearlescent glow.

It can mirror feelings, which makes it excellent for visualization and energy healing. Girasol encourages communication skills and helps the user vocalise thoughts that otherwise would be hard  to express.

Girasol’s unique capability allows it to connect to a user’s energy, cleanse it and circulate it so that self-healing becomes possible.

Named after the herbal name for Sunflower (Girasol)

These pieces are sold in singles. They measure approximately 18 - 22 mm.

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