Cream Carnelian Sphere ~ Courage, Strength, Success

Carnelian Sphere ~ Courage, Strength, Success

Gemstone spheres are used mostly for healing rituals, meditation, and simply for collecting and decor. For some people, spheres are the perfect anti-stress object to carry along. 

Carnelian is a stone of protection in general. It also can aid memory and recall of past lives. Use this stone to increase your creativity, your individuality and your courage. Carnelian is s gem of passion, strength, motivation and success. 

NOTE: This type of Carnelian is a creamy colour, and will have shades of beige, pale pink and grey throughout the sphere. No two are alike. Some spheres will be more orange than others as well. Please allow for variations of colour.

45 mm - 50 mm (approximately 1.5") 

Stands sold separately. 

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