Blue Moonstone Sphere

Blue Moonstone Sphere

Beautiful Blue Moonstone spheres features a creamy white coloring with black specks throughout, and faint small patches of rainbow flash. They are each unique in their own way.

Blue moonstone holds the mystical luminosity of the moon itself. Draped with its magical healing properties beneath its soft bluish pearly veil, its beautiful glow has a lot to offer. Since ancient times, the blue moonstone is known to offer a tangible connection to the mystic and magic properties of the moon. This stone is often used as a gift for lovers of passion. It represents unconditional love, passion and faithfulness. Also, it is often transformed into amulets of protection for travellers. In fact, it was legendarily known as the “Traveller's Stone” and is believed to offer protective qualities for those who travel by night or when travelling upon the water when the moon is shining.

Approximately 50mm in diameter.

Stands sold separately.

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