Coventry Creations

Coventry Creations

Coventry Creations are the most loved and widely used magical candles in the new age community. They are crafted using natural and clean-burning ingredients with cotton wicks, and smell great!  We've been a Canadian source for Coventry Creations candles for over 15 years.  We burn these candles ourselves at Dragon Moon, and love them. 

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Hoodoo Black Cat Pillar Candle

A deep black candle with a bright spicy scent. 2" x 4" pillar burns for 40 hours. In Hoo Doo the Bla..

$14.38 US

Hoodoo Candle: Money Draw

A rich green colored pillar candle created with oils, herbs and resins that are said to help draw in..

$14.38 US

Hoodoo Candle: Reversing

A two tone orange/red and black candle with a dual scent of clearing peppermint and grounding sandal..

$14.38 US

Hoodoo Fiery Wall of Protection Candle

Fiery yellow-orange candle with an earthy peppermint scent. 2” x 4” pillar burns for 40 hours. Prote..

$14.38 US

Hoodoo: Tranquil Home Pillar Candle

A gentle lavender colored candle with a calming floral scent. 2" x 4" pillar burns for 40 hoursLabel..

$14.38 US

Mercury Retrograde Neutralizer Candle

The planet mercury rules communication, intellect and travel. When it goes into retrograde, those ar..

$16.02 US

Sacred White Sage Votive Candle

The Sacred White Sage candle can be used spiritually to cleanse a room, person or magical working of..

$3.25 US

Sweet Grass Votive Candle

A seafoam green candle with a sweet grass blend. Box of 24, each votive burns for 10 hours.Awakening..

$3.25 US

Sweetgrass Pillar Candle

A seafoam green candle with a sweet grass blend. 2.5" x 6.5" pillar burns for 80 hours.Awakening the..

$25.43 US

Wicked Witch Candle: Everything & Then Some

Get what you want!  Include this wonderfully scented candle in your rituals of intent for a bet..

$14.38 US

Wicked Witch Candle: Fast Cash

Use this candle within your rituals for prosperity and abundance.  Scent: Cedarwood and Honeysu..

$14.38 US

Wicked Witch Candle: Flying Monkeys

Don't you just hate it when someone makes you want to get our your flying monkeys?  This candle..

$14.38 US

Wicked Witch Candle: It Sucks To Be You

Use this candle to bring about Karma in a gentle way when wanting payback (as long as it harms none ..

$14.38 US

Wicked Witch Candle: Makin' Tracks

An orange candle with a juniper and peony blend. 2" x 4" pillar burns for 40 hours."It's the next be..

$14.38 US

Wicked Witch Candle: Outta My Way!

A teal candle with a frankincense and lemongrass blend. 2 x4 pillar burns for 40 hours."Obliterates ..

$14.38 US

Wicked Witch Candle: Poof!

A cream candle with a sandalwood and ginger blend. 2 x4 pillar burns for 40 hours."This banishing fo..

$14.38 US

Wicked Witch Candle: Red Stilettos

A jasmine and orange blossom in a strawberry red 2" x 4" -  40 hour candle."Candy is dandy. But..

$14.38 US

Wicked Witch Candle: Shut Your Mouth!

Amber, Rose and Nutmeg in an Avocado green 2" x 4" -  40 hour candle."Tired of folks talking tr..

$14.38 US

Wicked Witch Candle: Tornado Alley

A white candle with a myrrh, juniper and balsam peru blend. 2" x 4" pillar, burns for approximately ..

$14.38 US

Wicked Witch Candle: Wishin' Mojo

A hot pink candle with a dragons blood, cedar, sage and sandalwood scent. 2 x4 pillar burns for 40 h..

$14.38 US

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