Yule & Christmas

Yule & Christmas

YULE  - Winter Solstice, Dec 21 - 23

The celebration of Midwinter. The Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year, when the Sun King is re-born to light the world, to free it from the chilling grip of winter.

Traditionally a time of getting together, parties and festivities. In the past, villages and towns were often cut off from one another, going through the harsh part of winter alone. Yule was the hope which people hung on to, the hope for the return of warm weather and planting seasons. When Yule arrived, with it was cause for celebration, the source of life was re-emerging from darkness.

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This amazing Quartz sphere is grade A quality.  It has unique inclusions throughout the piece.&..


Quartz Sphere, Large (B)

This amazing Quartz sphere is grade A quality.  It has unique inclusions throughout the piece.&..


Red Jasper Sphere

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Wicked Good Oil: Cinnamon

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Wish Stones, Choose Yours :-)

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Expressions Of The Soul

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