Satya Incense: Golden Sunrise

Satya Incense: Golden Sunrise

Sunrise Incense Satya 15 gm - 15 sticks

Set the mood and help bring forth solar energies for ritual, spell work, or meditation with Sunrise stick incense. Sunrise incense is just one uplifting incense that is part of the world’s best-selling “Satya” Nag Champa incense line made by Shrinivas Sugandhalaya. Sunrise is a smooth yet exotic scent with a sandalwood base and contains summer-like floral aromas that can be burned to aid you with meditation, ritual, or spell work or can be burned during part of a ritual cleansing or just to create a wonderful relaxed and pleasant ambiance.

Sunrise Stick incense is what is called a “Masala” incense. Masala incense are made in a particular way that uses high-quality natural resins, oils, and herbs that are combined to create a thick, malleable mixture. This mixture is then hand rolled onto sticks made from bamboo. Creating incense via this method yields far more excellent quality than other stick incense where the incense is just submerged within oils. Creating incense also helps provide a pure, cleaner, burning scent.

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