French Lavender Bundle

French Lavender Bundle

We are so excited to offer this beautiful Dried French Lavender bundle! This Lavender Bunch / Lavender Bouquet adds rustic beauty to any space.

This organic Lavender was grown in France!

There are many uses for lavender for home decor, lavender decor and more - in bouquets, weddings, vases and at celebrations of any kind.

Lavender is known throughout the world as the most fragrant herb. The color is a rich, deep blue/purple. Bundles measure approximately 12 - 14" long.

Note: There will be some loss of buds when handling which is normal as this is a dried flower that is somewhat fragile. The fragrance that exists from this lavender is that of its own natural dried aroma and this lavender has not been artificially fragranced with chemicals to be super potent.

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